Temples, Heat and More Canadians

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Off the boat and ride.

Got to the Valley of Temples. It’s way BIGGER than it looks. Biggest archeological site in the world.
Took a walk along the ridge. And around. But saw more riding around the area 🙂

Was thinking of staying in Agrigento. But still had some legs, so rode onto Modica. Looked OK. But aside from these Canadian cyclists from Montreal……

there was no reason to stop. Even mentioning 1967 did not get a rise. Canadians are too nice!

Rode on as far as I could. 31degC will do that for you. It’s brutal on the bike. Luckily there was a bit of high ground where it cooled off to 27degC.

Got to where it seemed time to stop, so I did, in Gela. Knew nothing about the place. Stopping seemed like a good idea.
Which was reinforced by the hills, city traffic, steep junctions and Sicilian rules of the road. Tired me out even more.
Found a place.
Found a gelato.

Rode in and Franco took care of me, and even better care of the bike. First parquet floor for the bike!
Franco recommended a place. Nice supper.
Nice walkabout. Overlooking the beach.
No wonder this was the first beach taken by the Allies in WWII 🙂