Wednesday morning up and off to Noto. Had been told it was a nice city, and it is. Thanks Alex 🙂
Route was along the coast and then up and over some mountains.

Had ridden into Noto mid-afternoon (scored a one bed apartment on the ground floor)  and went for a walkabout. 
Scored lunch (stuffed rice-balls and beers).
Found the theatre. Which is in the centre of the baroque town. This is a beautiful 360 seat theatre. Open only October thru’ April. Because there is no air-conditioning. 
Found the park, and tree-lined boulevard. Lots of vendors and cafes.
Went shopping for sun-screen. Hard to find something without benzene-related ingredients. 
Gave up when I found a cute wine-bar. They closed at 7pm! Some event in Syracusa they said.

Back and do some planning. ‎Then out for supper.

All this walking is quite challenging. Noto is built on a steep hill. Take a look at these stairs……

Clever artwork to match the poster 🙂

I like Noto.