Pretty ride on a Monday morning, leaving Taormina. Along the coast road. Seaside town, after seaside town. Heading towards Messina, and the ferry to mainland Italy.

Nice sunny day. That turned hotter, the closer I rode to Messina.

Jumped off the road at a likely spot. Turned out to be a bakery, with home-made cookies. Perfect lunch break, with a bottle of water.

Rode on using psychic navigation. TomTom was trying to send me a fast way, via a by-pass. That way you see nothing.
Heading towards the centre, I was by-passed myself by a dozen Goldwing riders. They were in a hurry. I joined them for a while. They rode as if they knew where they were going 🙂 TomTom relented, and the route switched to going through the city. Now I get to see the sights 🙂

Hop, skip and a jump and there I was. At my B&B. A little early, which gave me time for an espresso and water.
Then in, register, and unpack.
Took a nap.
Then out for a stroll.

Cathedral with an awesome clock (including planetary and seasonal settings on the other sides), fronted by the Orion fountain, and me……

And fair-ground, plus crowds.
Turns out there is a parade. Headed by the Boy Scouts. Nice to see them in first spot.

I walked on and had a traditional Sicilian kebab supper.
Across the street from this awesome church, that was some 10feet lower than the road itself.

Then walked back to my B&B.
None of my mapping apps were working, but thanks to my Boy Scout days, I can always find my way back home.

Checked with the front desk, and Google, ref the ferry port.
Caught up on my blog.
An early night.

Tuesday morning up way too early. Sounded like someone was using a large drill, before 6am!
Lurked in bed listening to the radio.

Up for TaiChi. Right arm still off. In the mirror the bruise looked quite impressive……

Ah well.
Guess this will take a while to go away.
As will the rest of the soft lump on my elbow. Less than 30% of the size it was. So that is good. Must have hit a rock, in that tumble.
Good job the gear works! It could have been worse.

Light breakfast.
Check the bike.
Head to the last ferry I should be on for a while. Heading back to mainland Europe. Villa San Giovanni, in mainland Italy.

See you soon