Monday was my return to mainland Europe.

The ferry trip was only 20 minutes from Messina to Villa San Giovanni. No tie-downs.
We docked. I waited till everyone else left the ferry and then rode off. Safest. “First or Last” is a good motto in this situation. Everybody is in a rush. And all the other vehicles are bigger than me. Being last off, made it a stress-free exit.

Rode on to a random spot where I needed fuel and water. Temperatures were around 30degC again. Gave the bike some TLC, then found a soprosetta panini and water, for myself.

Rode on till I needed a rest, and checked my location.
Near to Cosenza, a probable way-point.
Checked and found what looked like a good B&B, only 20mins away.

Rode in, unpacked.
Took a look at the RH handlebar. There had been a “clunk” sound just as I rode up to the B&B. Turned out that the screw had come undone, and the end-bar had fallen off into the muff. Easy fix.
The end-bar must have been loosened in my tumble in Noto Antica.

Cleaned up and went for a stroll.

Found a pair of laces at a Spar supermarket.
Why did I need them? It had been so hot today, that my Kiwi boot polish had melted over everything else in the “boot bag”. Boo. Hoo. Threw everything away except the brush (souvenier of my first trip to Ukraiina), which included spare laces.
Really had been hot today.
Scored a packet of biscuits! Apparently, today was get a free packet of biscuits with every purchase. Even if you only buy one pair of laces !!!

How would I describe Cosenza?
Two parts: The new part, where I was staying, and doing my shopping, was nice, but could have been anywhere; The old part, just a short walk to the river, is, along the lines of Medieval town meets Harry Potter 🙂 I liked the place immediately.

On the way back, stopped off at Bocco&Cerere Tratorria, where I had way too much home cooking……

followed by an excellent pasta con funghi, and pork wrapped in bacon…….

And only 200m from home.

And so, happily to bed 🙂