Up early Wednesday morning and decide to skip breakfast. Supper was way too large πŸ™‚

Out on the road, all was perfect. 26degC. Blue skies. Curvy roads through the hills. β€Ž Then much of the road ran along the coast.
Temperature rose to 30degC
Found a spot for a fill-up. Gave the bike some TLC.

Popped into Manduria. Part curiosity. Part to get TomTom to take me along a specific route.
TomTom had a funny idea of what the town centre was, so found it by myself. haha

Rest of the ride was cooler, industrial, and threatening rain.Β 
Even a dash of rain here and there. But at 27degC that was just refreshing.

Rain was well stopped by the time I rode into Lecce.
Found my accommodations.
Unpacked. Then put the bike to bed.Β 

Went out for supper.
Found a cute bar and scored the best seat. Reminded me of a pub on the South Downs. The lounge area had two over-stuffed armchairs that were the best seats in the house.
Barry suggested that instead of another rum&coke I find supper.
Found two real beers instead πŸ™‚ Manna from heaven. Proper beer. It’s been a while. The Orient Express. With a barmaid who pulled a proper pint, and looked as if she was from Queen Street West πŸ™‚

Headed home. Despite the brief description above, I had walked most of old-town. Not totally by design πŸ˜‰

Inside for a cuppa, and bed.

Awoke Thursday early.Β 
My right arm is becoming more tender, especially around the bruising. Which seems so wrong. And means I cannot lean on table and bars. May have to develop posture!
Planned my weekend.
Then next door for breakfast: fresh orange juice and espresso.

Wandered around looking for a laundromat.
Never found it.
But found the castle, a ticket for a concert tonight, and lunch. Rotisserie chicken, roast potato, onion salad πŸ™‚ Took myself and lunch home.
A cuppa and a nap.

Up to the barber next door. Other side πŸ˜‰
Needed a trim.Β 

Shop for some bits&pieces for supper. May have a pint on my way home. So will need a curry πŸ˜‰

Off to the theatre.Β 
Four layers of boxes and about 150 seats. Cute…..

Show was 45mins late getting started!
Local act. A lady singer, with an accordian player, plus various friends at times throughout the show. Traditional music with a twist.Β Here is a YouTube clip.
Some of the tunes were very well done.

I left early as I needed a pint. I’d shown up 30mins early. Been two hours at the theatre. Long enough.
Plus the “grande” beer here is only 0.4litres. Same pub, the Orient Express. Barman tried the old fairground trick. Right number of coins, wrong denomination. Been a while since I’ve seen that. Still. Maybe it was an honest mistake.

Home to a curry.
And bed.
Friday we ride.