Friday up early. Still nice outside.
An orange and green tea for breakfast. Yea gods. I must be healthy by now 🙂
Gave the bike some TLC.
Head out towards Matera

First stop was Brindisi, where I filled up (bike and me. A real doughnut. A real one 🙂

Then adjusted the route. 
Was to go into Bari‎, but I reasoned that the Michelin green route would be prettier. Headed across country. 

Still hot. Thirties. DegC that is. 

Rode to my B&B
Parked the bike. 
Went for lunch. Nice lunch……

Then a serious nap. 
3hrs riding in 30degC weather is hard work.   

Which reminds me.  
My thanks to the fellow rider who reminded a bunch of us about going around corners. “Weight on the outside footpeg. Kiss the inside mirror” 
Used it today to keep out of trouble on a corner that was much tighter than I was expecting. Have used it before, and noticed how the bike curved much more smoothly. And faster.

Awoke and strolled out for a look at Sassi……

The stroll included an open air fashion show……

A gelato.
Lunch was really filling 🙂

Then back home, and a somewhat early night.

In summary. Matera is cute, has good food, and is one of the oldest cities in the world.