Sunday is the Day of Rest

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Up Sunday morning for TaiChi and breakfast. 
Had fallen asleep last night. This heat is hard work. So glad I had set the alarm. Needed the alarm to wake me up.

Checked the bike.
Fell into conversation with other guests. Turned out they were from Palermo. Coached a footie team (juniors) who were champs of all Italy 🙂

Once on the road, TomTom succeeded in getting me off the main road on the third attempt. Realising I’d been led astray, I stopped and replanned my route.
Ran down to the coast and along towards my hotel. 

Pulled into a random town. Took a walkabout. Lots of boats in the small harbour. Scored some lavender oil (never leave home without it). An espresso, gelato and aqua, and I was good to go. 

Arrived at the hotel in time for a really nice octopus lunch……

with this view……

After lunch Kiara (really nice receptionist) showed me to my room. Had given me a room for four, as I’d asked for a single bed! Had the whole patio to myself……

Gave the bike some TLC. 
Did some laundry.
Pottered around. Mainly enjoying the view from the patio.
Confirmed Monday is Napoli with Alex.
Down for supper of vongole……

So little food?
Not really. There was a bowl of fruit (cherries and strawberries) in my room 🙂

A chat over espresso, where I find out that ladies from Oz are no longer to be referred to as “Sheila”. So last century?

My take? Hotel Il Cefalu is a great place for a rest.
Especially as the data portion of my cell-phone did not work. And the hotel wifi is an open net that harvests your cell-phone number via login (do NOT use). With no data, there can be no emails, etc…
With nice staff, good service, good food, no comms, great location, this is a hotel for a rest 🙂