Up before the alarm on a fine Sunday morning.
Updated the blog for the past two days in Perugia.
Checked the bike.
Headed out.

Had chosen a pretty route, and so it turned out to be. Italian highlands.

After an hour and a half, pulled over for a lollipop and water.

Rode the rest of the way into Urbino.
Rode towards the town centre.
Found a cool parking spot, underneath the arches.
Nearby found lunch……

Then took the bike to the B&B as the sun had moved, and the shade had gone. My gear was quite warm when taken out of the cases. Have already had to throw out some of my munchies.

Started to walk into town, but waylaid by a shady park, with a bar. Perfect place to wait for my landlady.

Back and check-in at my B&B, at 5pm.
Put a few calls out.
Quick nap.
Then an evening stroll.

If you turn left out of the B&B, you end up on a hill with a fort, overlooking the Ducal Palace……

However, to get to the Palace, you have to go all the way down one big hill, then all the way up the other hill. haha
Plus a few of the alleyways were misleading. Ouch.
Had a great cardiovascular workout 🙂

Found supper.
And an easier way home 🙂

Monday saw me up early.
Healthiest breakfast ever. Fruit and water!
One last look at the stunning view of the hills in front of the B&B‎.
Off to Venezia.

First part of the ride out of Urbino, looked like England. Green fields. Trees and hedges. But something was different. Figured out that this countryside was Dorset-with-mountains 🙂 🙂

Then along a ridge-way that took me over the top of two mountains, with alpine views everywhere.

Weather had been 26degC and sunny. Brilliant motorcycling weather.
Roads were twisites. Ups and downs.
But the views were persistent, so got to enjoy everything.

Nearly pulled into San Marino, but had a perfect time there (aside from the parking ticket) on the choir trip (checkout the chap, top right, with the hat), so rode on.

An hour and a half into my ride, it was time for second breakfast. Tiny panini and water. Then a bag of crisps, strictly for the salt content.
Rode on.

Weather turned hot. 30degC for the next two hours.

Was near Ravenna, feeling it was time to call it quits. So I did. Found a B&B.
Riding to the B&B I found a fresh pasta place for lunch. They made the pasta in the back room, selling pasta to take home, or eat in 🙂

Rode the last two klicks to the B&B, in an old renovated building. Laura took care of me.
Booked in.
TLC, then covered up the bike.
Setup the wifi.
Whilst sat on the bed, taking off my boots, I fell asleep. So obviously, stopping was the right thing to do. The heat is wearing me out.

Out for a stroll in the evening. Heat all gone.
Nice place.
Concert in the basilica.
Found the recommended Rustica restaurant….nah….not a patch on Perugia.
Vareniki using a flower, was OK……

But the lamb was tough…..

Next morning, Tuesday, up to TaiChi and a proper breakfast made by Laura 🙂
Shared the table with a fellow BMW rider, this one from Rome, working his way home.

We departed our seperate ways. Me continuing to Venezia. However the weather was 30-32degC and I’d been there before. Same choir trip 🙂
Rode on.

Next target was Gorizia.
30’s all the way.
Rode into town, for a panini and water. Had to move my bike. Lady police officer did not approve. And it was in a perfect spot. In the shade. And don’t white lines mean motorcycle parking 😉

Looked at the town. Decided to move one.
Booked a place in Postojna, Slovenia. And rode on.
But that’s another story.

G’nite All.