Came into Ljubljana, but where is my accommodation?
TomTom had taken me the right street, but where was house #9??? Called. The landlord (Robert) explained the numbering system, and that it would be safer if he came, and I followed him to the right place. Apparently streets can end with Roman numerals, or letters of the alphbet. So there is a street with ‘V’ and another with ‘V’. Funny, the “vee” street did not show up on TomTom. My look on GoogleMaps was oviously not detailed enough. Apparently, this mistake happens quite often.

Settled into the apartment. Bigger than the last one. And as per the last one, free beer. I instead drank tea. Has been another long day, with lots of walking, and hot sunshine.

Could only stay the one night, as they were booked. So found another place for the rest of the weekend.

Then out for an evening stroll.
City looks nice.
At the start of the walk, there was music. Seemed to be a concert somewhere. But ended as I closed on the city centre.
Most of the town seemed to be closed. At least where I was walking. So came home.

Up in the morning to the sound of rain. A grey Friday morning.
Pack and head to my next place. Via lunch in the park, as recommended by Robert.
Had 3 courses over two hours.
Soup which was a nice veggie soup, proper lunch-time size.
Unlike the mixed grill…..

Rather tasty, but a lot
I sat around, as the rain was still very heavy. Updated my blog. And found that I could now manage some crepes πŸ˜‰

Then away, and recce the new apartment address, and the nearby mall.
Did my shopping and back to my new home.

Andrij let me in. Much smaller place, but what do I need πŸ™‚
Did some research, and found a likely pub.
Over 3km away so caught the bus. NOTE: You cannot pay on the bus. Have to buy a card. Bus driver was very kind πŸ™‚

Walked the short distance from where the bus dropped me off. All along the watchtowers of the old city walls, Roman sewers, and park. Ended up following a river/canal, that took me to the Ljubljanica river. Across the footbridge, turn right and there was the Lajbah pub across the street.
One proper pint later, I was a happy man πŸ™‚
Warning! The beer is very cold. So I ordered the second before I finished the first. Giving the beer time to warm up to just cold.
Second warning. Only one proper beer on tap. The rest are fizzy.
Nice chat with a young couple from Kiel, Germany. Then a chap from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Was midnight by now, so started to walk home.

Flagged down a taxi, along the way home, but the cabbie spoke no English. Eventually I figured out that this was a mini-cab and I had to call. So walked the rest of the way home. I was partway there already.

Saturday up for TaiChi.
A bit more research, then walked into town. It’s only 3km.
Found the tourist information office. No theatre events tonight or tomorrow. However, Monday is Statehood Day, and there will be a free Sunday evening concert in the square.

Lunch was pita.
Then to the market for some fruit and veg.

Had seen most of the town in today’s walkabout. Bridges Old town. But not the castle.

Hearing music I wandered over to the open-air concert. Washed and ate some of the fruit. And listened to the music for a while.
Then wandered back along the river.
Lots of crafty stalls along the river banks.
Found a neat coffee shop. Run by a young Romanian lad, who had set it up, and was “chief cook and bottle-washer”. Nice chat. Most people in Slovenia speak some English. And many speak English very well.

Talking with the young lad made me feel young enough to go back to last night’s pub. However, while they were having a beer festival, they were out of the one-and-only real beer that I was drinking last night. So walked home.

Picked up some roast chicken and had a very late lunch, with some of the fresh veg, and fruit.
Caught the Germany game. I was rooting for Sweden. But the defender fluffed it with Germany down to 10 men. Must have been as heart-breaking for the Swedes as loosing to Brazil, in 1958. Mind you, Brazil did have Pele!

Caught a movie and to bed.

Sunday morning up to TaiChi then laundry.
Lurked around watching footie, doing some research, and guarding the laundry against the rain.

Also, Andrij invited me to see his pics of Slovenia, whilst Irena fed me tiramisu and coffee. The photos were really good, as the scenary was breath-taking. Tiramisu likewise πŸ™‚

Then time to prep for tomorrow’s departure. And head out for supper.
To the Red Apple, Chinese. Was good.

Better than the concert. Never found it. Was supposed to start at 9pm.

Walked all over Ljubljanca. Some of which I had not seen before, and was very cute. Old streets, with cute houses, and flowers everywhere.

Called it quits and home around midnight.

Monday morning up to TaiChi and rain.
Packed and rode off.
Destination, a park, with beer fountains.

See you there πŸ˜‰