Short ride into Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city.

Big rain enroute, but only for about 10km. Had to pull over and dress in my waterproof trousers.Β 
The rain stopped-ish as I pulled into a parking spot near the main post office. Where a wonderful lady produced a box and packing material. Job done. Beer glasses mailed. No need to enquire about courier companies, and buying boxes πŸ™‚

This left me free, for the rest of the day.Β 

First stop. A cup of tea.Β 
Added a chat with Barry.
Then a walkabout. The rain had stopped, and the sun was peeking out.

Not much history in the buildings. The Allies bombed Maribor lots. Destroyed 47% of it. But most air-forces are poor at hitting anything they are aiming at. Less than 1% accuracy in WWII.
Church and the main square are in good shape today. And there are parts of the old walls along the river. As well as a river walkway.Β 
All setup for a music festival. Cuban and Jazz tonight.Β 

Sight-seeing done. Arrived back at the bike, I saddled up and rode to my B&B.Β It was just over 4km across the river.
Booked in.
Unpacked just my go-bag.
Covered up the bike.Β Not enough distance ridden to require TLC. That’s the “trouble” with Europe. hahahaha

Started some planning.

Yesterday, back in Zalec, Zitya (barmaid/receptionist/waitress) asked if I had planned this trip. I told her that it took 3yrs to setup. But in looking back these last few weeks, I realised that I had only planned a detailed itinerary to get me from the UK to Malta, thence to Napoli. But after that, I was following suggestions, and just what I felt like. Any planning was only to get me to the next spot. Or close to the next spot. And options.
Today I have looked a little bit wider.

One thing is that I wanted to be in Croatia for their next game. Kreso is from Zagreb. So July 1st, Canada Day, that is where I will be. In Zagreb. Watching Croatia beat Denmark. Should be a party. Unless Schmeichel is at his brilliant best.

Hey! It’s as good an excuse as any for this trip! hahahaha

Hotels are booked.
Route planned.
So! Time for supper.

Was asked as I was leaving, where I wanted to go. I said supper. They said they could oblige. I asked for schnitzel. And 30mins. Needed the walk. Sitting is the new smoking πŸ˜‰
Returned to a supper built for two……

Almost finished it. Chips were real πŸ™‚ So was the schnitzel πŸ™‚

Took a great deal of effort, to get up the stairs and into bed πŸ™‚

Thursday up to TaiChi and a small breakfast. Seriously. After last night’s supper! And the price was reasonable πŸ™‚
Headed out to Celje.

See you there.