Leaving Celje made me happy. Three days and the best meal was breakfast. And the best part of breakfast was the fresh fruit. hmmm. The promise of better food in Zagreb. Ah.

Took the scenic route due south (folded green hills, river, and cute places), till I hit the motorway. Then headed east along the motorway to Zagreb

At the border, I found myself in the truck lane. Had taken what I though was the exit before the toll highway. Wrong! hahaha. The lady at border control was very nice. Though I did have to stand tippy-toe to hand over my passport. 
The next booth required the toll of 4euro for possibly the shortest highway that I have been on! The city does stretch out. and it seemed that in less than 3mins that I was in Zagreb outskirts.

Riding in Zagreb was easy. And my apartment was easy to find. Right next to the McDonalds. I do try one in every country. Bun was super-sweet, but the burger was OK. Or was that the Celje effect?

Called the new landlord, and booked in.
Unloaded the bike and left it in street-parking. It’s free on Sunday. 

Did some research on places to eat/drink, and strolled out.

First place Tolkein’s House was cute, but full of smoker‎s. Beers, so-so.
Missed the next couple of places, even though they were on the same street. Everywhere was decked in red/white checkered flags, including the people. Could not see a place name 🙂
Headed to my supper place. Medvedgrad.
Soup tasted better than it looked……..

Main was good. Sausages and mushrooms……

Beers were OK.

And all the way through the meal, prime seat, to watch the game. Denmark vs Croatia.
Denmark scored really early.
A few minutes it was Croatia’s turn.
And that is how it ended at full time.
The tension was palpable, so I left and went to watch extra time in the main square.
When Croatia were awarded a penalty, lots of happy people. Missed penalty. Lots of unhappy people.
Walked on towards home. The tension was getting to me! Denmark had been hitting the ball more accurately all night. And they have Kasper Schmeichel in goal, who seems to save most of the penalties when he plays for Leicester. 
Ended up in a cafe, with a cognac & espresso, for the end of the shootouts. BIG celebration by everyone in the city when Croatia won the shootouts! Fireworks. Handshakes. Hugs. And much jumping around and shouting! 
As I walked the short bit home, the cars were starting on the street. Horns honking. Flags waving.

And that is how I fell asleep. To the sound of a happy country.

Welcome to Croatia 🙂