Highlights of my sojourn in Zagreb.

First of all, the World Cup.Β 
England has progressed much further than I expected. Even though they keep playing Sterling who has not scored since 2015, yet made 42 appearances. Midfield bereft of ideas. But Kane is still on track for the golden boot.
However, for me, Croatia were the standout team in the group stages.Β β€ŽAnd in the last two rounds, the causes of heart attacks all around the world!!! Extra time AND penalties! Twice in a row! For the second game, I left the restaurant, went home, and lay down with a cup of tea, till the drama finished. The stress!!!
The two teams meet on Wednesday, July 11th.

A surprise was the bar so far off the grid, that when they saw me, a tourist, they treated me as a guest Β πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Bistro Tomislav for real food, raw onions, and real beer……

……a great place, where I met a Spaniard from Gran Canaria, who teaches Spanish in Warsaw !

Most people speak very good English. But they are happy to listen to my fractured Croatian, and help me improve πŸ™‚

Ah, differences between nations.
Taking a selfie outside the Canadian embassy……

I was asked if I wanted to come in.
Here is as close as I was allowed to the British embassy……

A rent-a-cop rushed out when I stood in front trying to take a selfie. We ended up having a nice chat. But no invite to watch the England game with the ambassador, over tea and cucumber sandwiches πŸ™

A photo that I have never posted before……

Yes! A welder’s shop. Just for Barry πŸ™‚

Great apartment. Everything works well, including the air-conditioning. Did some cooking in the IKEA kitchen.Β I love the IKEA kitchen drawers πŸ™‚
Garage parking nearby at a reasonable rate.
All required shops, banks, butcher shops, fruit& veg market, and laundrette within 200m πŸ™‚

Only sight visited was the model railway track πŸ™‚ Lots of trains. Lots of track.

I have walked most of the city.
Including through the botanical garden.
And took the shortest and steepest funicular, by going DOWN. Yup. I walked up! Actually the hill was not that bad.

The regular trams are frequent and reasonable. 4hrk, or 0.47euros πŸ™‚

So all in all, a very nice city. I like Zagreb πŸ™‚
Shame to leave on Monday.