From Zagreb to Leoben

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Up really early on Monday morning.

Get the bike from it’s underground parking.
Told that I should not have been parked where I was 🙂 Why the smile? I had already checked the bike, and was about to head out. Plus. All sorts of not-in-the-spot parking takes place, all the time!
Rode out and parked next to my front door. This was past the department store, and in-front of McDonalds. All along the side-walk. If you think that is “bad”. Whilst loading up the bike, a van parked next to me. And yes it was a wide sidewalk 🙂

Said farewell to Robert-the-landlord. He’s a good guy.

Rode out. 
Full of vim-and-vigor! It’s been a while.  Felt really good.Like I’d been away from something I love, and can do well.
It was a good rest in Zagreb!

Was an awesome ride. Sunshine and 22degC.
City traffic out of Zagreb. Then big hills and twisties. Ridgeways and cute villages. 

Not sure if this counts as a cute village, but it is where Kreso was born…..

Then zoom-zoom along the scenic route, till I hit the Slovenian border. Temperature 28degC and a traffic jam. 
Once on the other side I needed to stop for food. Nice lady in a wooden hut made me a real chicken sandwich with a small salad. Bottle of water followed by a capuccino and I was good to go. 

Ran all the way to Austria. 
Scenic route. I say that in all the best traditions of my baby sister’s navigation 🙂 It was scenic. But no idea where I was 🙂 Kept running into roadworks. The biggest being in Ptuj. The roadworks kept me diverted into the countryside. And running off the highways kept me high along the ridgeways through more cute villages, and lots of twisties. Croatia, Slovenia and Austria all have that cute alpine feel. Scenic!

Eventually I called it quits, somewhere SE of Graz. Little village with a nice gasthof, where I had supper…..

Followed be a scenic stroll. Then a good night’s sleep. 

Tuesday morning up early, really early to TaiChi. 
Off to Leoben
Where I found my B&B for the next two nights. With great motorcycle parking……

Checked in.
Unloaded and unpacked.
Not much TLC needed on the bike. Short run, though the route through the outskirts of Graz was full of traffic. Had to use the motorcycle lanes otherwise I would have still been there. It was 28degC and humid.

But now in Leoben, it was time to find the Gosser brewery, and some place to watch the game
But that’s another story.