First stop in Leoben, the Gosser museum.
Nice stroll upstream along the river Mur.
Arrived at the brewery. Security told me there are no tours. But the museum opens at 3pm.
Need to wait an hour. Looks like rain.
But there’s a bar nearby. Walked over. Bar is closed. Rain started. So pulled up a chair under the roof, and sat listening to the Beeb. Half hour later rain stopped 🙂
Walked over to the museum.
Still closed. Waited. Nothing and no one there.
No visit to the tasting room. That comes after the museum tour. Probably safer.
Sign on the door, stating that the museum is open only between April and October, and at 11am and 3pm, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Walked back home.
Rain came. Big rain. Me in a shirt and jeans. How big a rain? Cars were splashing the puddles onto the buildings.
Still. Gives the shirt and jeans a rinse 😉

20mins later, near home, stopped off at a cafe for a schnapps and espresso.

Then into the town museum. Huge history in steel. Produces more than ever. Though automation has reduced staffing from 11,000 to 1,000.
The coat of arms for the city features a mythical bird that eats iron. Used to be on each bar of pig iron.

By the way, Wikipedia features a picture of Leoben’s bell tower, which used to be flat at the top. Then the “mushroom” was added. Which gave the tower it’s nickname.
My B&B is literally around the corner from the tower 🙂
And a short walk from the museum.

Rain had stopped, so went home, and decamped my damp items. No harm done. I have been out in the rain before. Eeeee by gum. Kids today have no idea. Let me tell you when I was a kid. No Gortex. We had to walk 5 miles from school in the rain………..hahahahaha

Quick look at possible restaurants. Needed supper and to watch the game. Out for a stroll.

Maybe the Dutch programmers are in all mapping apps? NavFree took me towards the main square where the first possible restaurant was. However, it still insists on following the road all around the square. I just cut across, as the rain started again.
Asked for a glass of wine, and was handed this…….

ps: placed my hand behind, so the camera could focus. It was quite confused when looking through the glass. I had the wine up to the Marlene Dietrich level 😉

Second place found by walking around. Something weird with the location feature. Not sure where I am, according to the app. Still this selfie confirmed me in the centre of the square……

And I spotted the next restaurant across the way, and entered laughing. “I love technology, but only when it works”.
Nice waitress brought a wine, and took my order. Mushroom goulash and dumpling arrived in the time that McDonalds is still trying to achieve…….

And it was nice.

Third spot was on my way home. Had seen it as I stepped out. And lo, this place featured a TV, with the game! Only sign of the World Cup in Leoben. Guess I’ll be here tomorrow.

After a glass of wine, walked home and watched the game.
France (rapier fast attack) beat Belgium (cohesive team, with at least 3 top players of the game), by the one and only goal. But while the goal was give to Umtiti, looked like an own goal by Fellaini to me.
Which reminds me. How does Fellaini rate so highly? He’s big but that seems to be his only redeeming quality. Slow and dirty would describe the playing that I have seen.

An early night.

Up with the alarm on Wednesday morning.
Full breakfast. With a knife I have not seen before. A personal bread knife…..


Then out for a stroll.
Leoben was built in a loop of the river. So walked the loop.
Then up and down.

Found a new wallet.
The folding wallet has become endemic. Has problems, including bulk, and cards falling out when opened. Now I have one that is slim, holds cash and credit cards, and fits my jacket without getting lost. And when I find one, will hold a slim pen. Here it is open……

Kid’s joke heard yesterday on the Beeb:
Q: What two things make a girl happy?
A: “You look marvelous” and “Fifty percent off”
I’m half way there.

Then Chinese buffet for lunch. Included sushi, roast pork, and roast duck 🙂

Back home for a nap.
Prep this blog.

Then out for the game. Croatia vs England. Am still rooting for Croatia.
If England wins, will set back the game. IMHO teams will play possession football. Wait for set pieces (corners, free-kicks and penalties) to score. And players will have all their creativity coached out of them.
The same as the Summit Series did for hockey. In 1972 Canadian Clarke took out the best Soviet hockey player, Kharlamov. And gave rise to the “goons” in the NHL. Olympic hockey is much more about skills, whereas NHL is crash and bash. IMHO.

Headed to the restaurant, as spotted last night. Excellent soup…….

But England scored from a set piece. And were defending in numbers.

Decided to call it quits.
Walking home (70m) noticed people were in the “mushroom tower”. Had not been up, so should do before I leave. Here is a selfie……

Went inside to find a cafe, four Croatian supporters, and the game on. Settled in. Had a beer. Dave from Texas/NYC/California/summersInOntario came along. Great evening.
Dave has no respect for footie. But us five had a brilliant time. And NO PENALTIES. Croatia won in extra time. Real beer. Good chat. And my team won 🙂 🙂 🙂

Brilliant end to my stay.

Thursday, I am up and away. See you on Friday !

Stephen says:

I am glad you made the right choice supporting Croatia Lucifer

biker says:

It always pays to follow your heart 🙂