Breakfast in Leoben was again lovely. 
And the chat with a London girl. She’d moved to Graz 20yrs ago with her Engineer husband. And today was walking back there, with her son. Their whole trip was 150km. Impressive.

I rode out in the other direction, on a scenic route. 
Dave-the-american had tried to buy me another drink last night, but I ran away. I was glad of that this morning 🙂 Alpine mountains. Curvy roads. Blue skies. 21degC. Motorcycle heaven 🙂

Ran via Hieflau, to some-place that began with a W.
Checked out my B&B.
Went for some petrol where there was a washpoint. February was the bike’s last wash, rain showers excluded. So gave the bike a good wash, and then some TLC. 

On the way back to the B&B found a bratwurst und sauerkraut. Perfect. 

Parked the bike at the B&B.
Checked in.
Unpacked. Just my go-bag.
Tried the cafe next door. Fake espresso 🙁
Then went for a walk.

White wine at the village gasthoff.
No food.
Not hungry.
Also, lots of house flies around. Really. Lots. Austria seems to have lots. Guess they come in off the farms?

Continued with the stroll. Random walk. Turned out to be interesting. Here is a Kiwi Austin, pristine, and looks real……

Parked in the centre of a sporting area, where there seemed to be huge variety of sports. In an outstanding setting…….

Did you spot the ruined castle?

Back, via a riverside walkway under the highway.

And an early night.

Friday the 13th morning. No Port Dover. Still, I am riding to a lake.

First stop Halstatt.
Another scenic route.
Bit of a big, steep, downhill with twisties, too. Nice wooded area, with mountain views. Still some snow about. In July.

Parked in the motorcycle parking area 😉

Walked over to the museum. Nice visit.
Thought about the salt mines. But the 3hrs seemed like a long time.
Halstatt is a cute village, by a cute lake……

……but the crowds had grown in the hour and a half. Decided better to get to my hotel. Before everyone was on the road.

Rode through a long tunnel. Then out along a valley. Still scenic. Still curvy roads. But flat-ish. 

Found and parked at my hotel. haha. Wrong building. There are two 🙂
Found out when I checked in. Had to move the bike.
Long walk to my room. Especially with luggage.
But once in my room, the view was worth it……

So here we are.
Family to visit.
Last two World Cup games to watch.
And some fish to fry.  
Not necessarily in that order.

See you Monday.

Stephen says:

Go Croatia

biker says:

Now there is a sign of someone who has spent a lot of time in North America. “Go……..” always seemed a funny chant to me.
For today we should use the more traditional “Hrvatska!” 😉

biker says:

Were you out celebrating with the Belgians?
Hope so 🙂