Friday afternoon.
Ensconced in Altmunster.
First job was to organize my visit to cousin Roman. Done. 

Next job, get some lunch. Though in truth it was after 4pm, as I wandered down to tourist Information.  
Ah the youngsters. They are useless. Or is it clueless? Young lad knew nothing about the area. I have this nagging suspicion that I may have been the same 🙂
At least now I had a map and a bus schedule.  

Walked down to the lake and took a look at what Google had to offer. Not a lot.
Took a psychic walk. 

Found the cousin-recommended restaurant (it is not even on Google maps). Had supper……

All good. 
Added a couple of beers. Well it had been hot and sunny all day 😉

Wandered over to a source of live music. A fun-fair for little kids.

Next stop a SPAR store. These are everywhere in Europe. Picked up some water, fruit and greens.

Once home, I fell asleep in my hotel room.
Awoke to update the blog.
Then went to sleep properly.

Awoke to the alarm on Saturday morning.
Hurried down for breakfast. Traditional Austrian fruhstuck.
Then back to the room to hand wash a couple of shirts. They were getting a bit iffy. My riding shirt created dark waters, so maybe a bit past iffy. Ouch. 

Then out to wait for the cab. Which was late. I suspect if I had not sent a text and called, cab would not have arrived at all.
Dropped me off at Traunkirchen harbour, where I caught the boat across the lake.

The afternon was spent in the cute bar where cousin Roman helps out. 
You need to catch a boat across the lake, or walk 20+km through the wooded hills. Take the boat. A chap who had walked in, looked very tired.
The place is popular. One of the reasons being the good food. Cannot remember the last time I had fresh horseradish. Oh it was good. Brought tears to my eyes 🙂
Four hours passed very quickly.
Then it was time to go b‎ack via boat. Scheduled for the 16:30hrs, which was late. So I called and a few minutes later could see the boat leave the dock and head my way.
Young lad piloting the boat, knew of nowhere where I could watch the game. But then again he was hoping to be a teacher! haha.

Found a nice hotel where ONE of the staff knew what he was doing, and showed me to the bar with the TV. Watched the second half of Belgium v England. No doubt the English papers will make much of this team matching the achievements of 1990. But honestly, they were rubbish. Sterling managed to be rubbish for every game, including finding himself in goal-scoring positions and forgetting what to do next. Kane seemed to fade, but then most of his goals were from set pieces, eg: penalties. Mid-field was never any good, on the move. Tripier being the one who could almost bend it like Beckham, almost. There were supposed be be 5 in mid-field, but no-one noticed. The three defenders were slow and made mistakes. The one bright spot, Pickford the goalie seemed to improve. But no Shilton, much less Banks, is he.
My only regret in the group games was that if Belgium had lost to England, Japan would have advanced further! ‎Okazaki!!!

So this 3rd-4th place match over, it was time to go home.
Options were to wait till the late evening bus, or see what the trains have to offer.The taxi had been late and expensive.
In the end, I just walked the 7km home.
Most of the route was by the lake. The sun was shining. And there were nice gasthofs around, but I resisted the urge.

Once in Altmunster, I saw that the fun-fair was bigger than just kiddie rides. But did not stop and try any.

Back in the hotel, I drank lots of water. 
Had a good hot shower.
And an early night.

Sunday morning up to the ‎alarm.
Downstairs for fruhstuck.
Then back upstairs for TaiChi‎, outdoors, on my balconey. Possibly the wrong way round, but felt OK.
Chased up a few things

Out to the Eggerhaus museum
Now my German is not great, but this sign states open every Sunday, in June thru’ September……

Not this Sunday July 15th!

So walked on to pay my respects to the parents of my Austrian cousins……

Now I needed to recharge. The cousins had told of this scenic view of the lake…..

where I had a light lunch……..

Followed by a nice stroll along the lake-front. Lots of people, bathing, sun-bathing, sailing, and hanging out at the bars.

I carried on and up into the fair proper. Quite the big event, tucked into a few small streets and fields. Cleverly done.
Bought kabanosi – not bad. But I didn’t buy any more.

Then with dark clouds looming, I went home.
To watch the game.
Horror of horrors. No TV in the bar!
Took a pint up to my room. Croatia equalized.
Watched the rest of the first half, wondering if I should just drink beers and not watch, to help Croatia win. 
Came down at half-time to find a ‎TV in a second “secret” bar
Maybe I should not have been watching. Croatia ran out of energy in second half. Luckily my Austrian cousin directed me to the schnapps. It helped a bit. And Croatia never gave up. But they were getting in each other’s way at times, or running the wrong way for the pass. Not helped by France throwing three guys at any Croatian near the penalty box.
Thought the score flattered France. An own goal, and a doubtful penalty. Still to the victor the spoils. Well done France.

Oh. And I have figured out what happened to Germany. They have been running ads for fabric softener, with German players taking off their shirts, but stopping to sniff the wonderful odour. Sniffing fabric softener is obviously bad for your health!!! haha.
Nothing else make sense. They were VERY poor. Worse than England, at times.

World Cup done.
Supper done.
Sunshine done. The rain started coming down quite heavily. 
Time for bed said Zebedee.

Monday morning up with the alarm.
First parade on the bike.
Paid the bill and headed out.

PlanA was to ride around the lakes to Salzburg, but it was raining. And I’d been there on the choir trip anyway 🙂
Plus I needed coolant for the bike.

Ran towards Linz. Not a pretty route. Busy. But not overly so.
Stoppped half way along, to put on my waterproof trousers. The laws of motorcycling decree that if you are not dressed for rain, it will rain. All along, there had been a few drops every few minutes. stayed that way 🙂

Came into Linz BMW. Kind people topped up my coolant for free! Bikers meet such nice people 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next stop, checkout my hotel. Done. And update the ‘Home’ setting on my TomTom. It’s a useful feature, easy to find the right button to get you back to your hotel.

Then rode off to top up the tank.
Lights out and roof leaking at the first. Must have been the thunderstorm last night. 
Easy peasy. There is another petrol station across the road. Again no electricity. 
Picked my third across the Danube. Far enough away from this black-spot. Rode over and lots of electricity. Filled up, and rode into the old town.

As I pulled into the old-town centre, realised it was pretty, and pedestrianized. What to do?
When in doubt, follow the young lady on a scooter ! Took me around the trams, whereupon I spotted parking for bikes, right in front of Tourist Information 🙂 

Got directions to a place with proper Linz torte. And top three sights. 

Walked to the schloss, despite being told that the museum is closed, as many are, on Monday. Museum was closed, but the castle and cafe were open.
Come for the view. Stay for lunch!
Sat, overlooking the Danube, having lunch……

The stroll away from the castle, took me around the old town, and before I knew it, here I was tucking into my individual Linzer torte……

Went back and thanked the nice lady at Tourist Information for the cafe. And asked about the dragon and gnomes. Received the info, and rode across the river and up the hill.
To be honest, this seemed to be strictly for little kids. But I wasn’t the only young-at-heart!
Here is a selfie……

After the ride there is a little village and series of fairy-tale scenes in the basement.
Quite the giggle.
And good motorcycle parking 😉

TomTom was a tad confused getting me out, so I reverted to following the crowd, and made it back to the hotel.

Booked in.
Setup for tomorrow’s ride.
Then out for supper. Roulade? OK, and in a lively spot.

Walkabout, which took me by the art museum, with this item……

Then home.
Updated the blog.
And to bed.

Prague here I come.
I’ll be there all week 🙂