A city with a river and hills.

One of the hills has a funicular, to help you get to the top. Beware. The funicular is busy!!! You have to wait in the full sun πŸ™ So I started walking up the hill, and thought better of it!Β It is a big hill. And while it has a tower, similar to Eiffel’s, I realised that I did not want to walk to the top.
Looked over and saw what I thought was a monastery. Big walls. Rusty looking big walls. Thought I should walk towards it, when I noticed the USA flag. Turns out this is the USA embassy! And the rusty looking walls are sheets of steel. Prime location. They must have a great view of the city from there.
And a good place to hide come the next zombie apocalypse?

The buildings. Take a good look at the buildings.
Lots look like Communist drab. But even one of those has a golden chalice on the roof. Another has a heroic statue on the front.
The older ones were made to be appreciated. A few are truly beautiful, with works of art either as paintings, statues or both.
The old town is a lovely mix of small lanes and squares.

However, the DOX (modern art museum), is a building too clever by half. Designed for you to get lost. Nowhere is easy to get to. Makes the Porsche museum appear to be a vision of clarity. haha.
First stop was the airship. Not a real one. Looks as if it is made of wicker. There is only one way in, and no way out. Doesn’t anyone remember The Wicker Man movie? hahaha
The glass sculptures hanging from the ceiling were awesome. Some of the other glass sculptures were clever.
The rest? As if done by students. who did not bother with the “shoulders of giants“.

Still on the theme of buildings. I liked the oldest pub in Prague ‘Tavern U Krale Brabantskeho‘. Here since 1375, according to their sign πŸ™‚ A maze of rooms, cellars, stairs. All dark. Lit by candles (health and Safety would have a heart attack – hahaha)
They put on a show in the evenings, wandering minstrels and much more.
I just had a beer. then another, because it was the best that I had found. From Pivovar Detenice. Not too fizzy……

This pub is easy to find. Cross the river from the old town, and start walking uphill, towards the castle. When you see a LONG flight of stairs, to get you up the last of the hill to the castle, the pub will be on your left, a few steps on.
Look for the crowd on the right of this photo, from those same steps……

Public transport is well organized. I liked the trams best. Sat in the rear seat, which gives you a view, as you get around the city and traffic πŸ™‚
The metro is fast.
Day-tickets are valid for 24hrs, rather than the day of purchase. You validate (stamp) the ticket when you use it the first time, and that is when your 24hrs start. So when I used my ticket to get to the concert, I could use it till 7pm the next day πŸ™‚
Regular tickets can be valid for 30mins (1euro) or 90mins (1.5euros). I took the 90min option when I finished off my visit, with a view of the bridge, and the clock (closed for renovations till 2018Q4).

Β – 1902 Spizirna. Another 500metres past the brew-pub. real food. Popped in for a swift one, and came back the next day for breakfast. Should not have had the walnut cake, too big a slice πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Β – best curry in town, at the Tesco food court, Punjab. Had the daily special, an aloo gobi, with rice. Came on two plates, so lots! Real food. 4euros. Funny thing. It’s related to the Pind, where I had a curry earlier, and food is WAY better here, in the food court!
– Prague is safe for vegans…..

Beer – all cold and fizzy πŸ™ Here is another example. A porter that could have been very nice……

For something stronger, try the whisky lounge in Henry’s Tower. I had the Quarter Cask Laphroaig, in a club-like atmosphere. Perfect.