Heidelberg – 2018Jul24

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Well, that was fun. NOT!
The run from Prague to Sinsheim ran into traffic in Germany, just as the temperature jumped over 30degC. Spent an hour in 34degC weather covering 8km. So bad, I pulled over at one stage to drink some tea.

Nice place to stay in Sinsheim, with the landlord speaking little English, but his young lady conversant in Ukrainian 🙂

Checked in.
Bike parked under a roof.
Out for supper.
Then ice-cream. Well it was still hot.

Then bed.

Tuesday morning up to TaiChi, then pack the bike and head out.

Army Store open, and Sabrine has my new boots 🙂

Then into Stefan Knop’s place and book in. My opening line, “Honey, I’m home!” hahahahaha. Many a true word, spoken in jest. 🙂

Got my room.
Had a kebab at my favourite place (brunch).
Took my bike into BMW to have it looked at. Probably a new handlebar, clutch and rear brakes. The rest can be fixed with a hammer, or similar 🙂
Picked up a 1200RT to bring back. So no need to catch a train. Ontario plates 🙂

Supper at the Sardegna resturant, with mirto and curglioni. Especially the mirto 🙂

Then back for a chat with Robin from Vancouver Island. Canucks rule OK 🙂

See you all once I figure out what to do next.

G’nite all.

Stephen says:

Lucifer did you finally get your ears pierced and the nose ring and neck tattoos?

biker says:

Am thinking of the ear piercing, and/or tattoo, upon my return to Toronto 🙂