First off, I came to Leipzig as a step towards Poland. And I have never been here before. 
Glad I came. 

Things I like:
(1) old buildings, statues, fountains, parks. Cities designed for people, despite modern planners doing their best to make life suitable for cars.
 (2) Naploeon’s “eastern Waterloo” gave rise to this HUGE monument…….

 (3) Gose beer 🙂
 (4) Thomaskirche
 (5) The hotel I am staying in has excellent Vietnamese food, and hard surface parking
 (6) Europe is such a civilised place. Sit down. Someone comes along. Nice coffee/drink brought. Great views. Here is my view whilst sipping a Leipziger Krauter Wilhelm……

 (7) Shopping in Leipzig, I was able to replenish my clothing supplies. Decent waterproof over-trousers, and a couple of hi-tech long sleeve T’s. 
 (8) The shopping took  5hrs, in the heat, which was good. Proved that the bike’s problems on the last bit into Leipzig, were heat related. I hope! haha

Friday is Poland.
“Do vid-jen-a”