Be-a-Tourist Day, Aug07, Coming Up!

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Remember, no work this Tuesday August the 7th.

Instead, walk around your neighbourhood. See it through tourist eyes:)

Phone in sick if you have to 😉

Lynn says:

Already done that…the museum has a knitting exhibition at moment. And there’s always plants for sale in its garden….
With my accent people think I’m a tourist anyway!

biker says:

Suprised people are not coming to YOUR garden to view, consult, and buy plants 🙂

jan (with a small j) says:

So you’re spending August 7th being a tourist, I thought that’s what you did every day!

biker says:

hahahaha. It’s because I am a tourist all the time, that I am asking YOU to become a tourist for the day. In your own neighbourhood. Take the day off, and stroll around. Not many people do. Included me, once upon a time 🙂 🙂 🙂