Friday saw me up early, TaiChi, breakfast, and pack the bike.
Another BMW rider had come in, and we chatted. He’s doing a two week tour, on his 1300R, with, what looks like, a nice custom seat.

Then off to Szczecin in the heat. Topped out at 39degC. Temperature hovered around 35degC for much of the ride. I kept the speed around 120kph for much of the trip. And made frequent stops. 
Met another BMW rider, who is doing a weekend loop from Berlin.

My next stop was in Poland gave me these……

Yup! Perogies! Yippee! Homemade 🙂

Rode into Szczecin and the trouble started.
The apartment’s street does not exist, on TomTom, nor Google. So my plan was to arrive close-by and phone. Trouble was, the young lad at reception, kept repeating the same useless address. But I cornered him on the building, and set off for an adventure.
Found the reception area, eventually. As the young lad said in reply to my comments about the address instructions, “Well you are here”. 
Booked in.
TLC for the bike.
Sent updated address location instructions.
And went for a stroll.

First stop a bank.
Then a pub: nice Polish stout.
Then supper: classic soup……

And home, picking up some fruit for breakfast.

Up early Saturday morning. Way before the alarm.
Breakfast of fruit and museli.
Started looking at hotels to get me to Tallin, but hard work. Took a nap. Was that kind of a day. Spent reviewing hotels and cities. Listening to a library book. With naps 🙂
Good choice. The whole afternoon had 15min thundershowers, in between sunshine. Weird or what! Glad I stayed in.

Eventually went out for supper. Goose n buckwheat……

With leek “straw” 🙂

Walked on to the river, thinking that Szczecin was very quiet for a Saturday night. Turns out that most everybody is down by the river! Whilst the bicycle riders have their own spot up the hill. Cool.

Strolled on to Pioneer cinema. Oldest continually operating cinema in the world! It was closed. Last movie must have finished at 10pm. 

Strolled around more of the town. Then home.

Thoughts on Szczecin?
Neither fish no fowl. Some old buildings. Some new buildings. Some missing buildings. Roads good and bad. But, good beer and good food.

Sunday up really early.
First parade for the bike. 
Check out.

On the road just after 10am. 23degC. Partially cloudy. Perfect day to ride.
One and a half mild rain-showers at the start. 
Two stops to fill up. And get off the bike to stretch. Hard work this ride. Getting warmer too.
Roadworks everywhere. Some serious wait time. Some serious drop offs. The new road surfaces are <=3m above the old, and to avoid the loose gravel in the middle, I rode close to the edge. And dodgey road surfaces would sneak up, if you were not watching. 5hrs later, arrived in Gdansk. More on this city when I leave.