Gdansk Summary + Departure

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Danzig to the Germans, does look very much like the other Baltic cities that I have visited. And was part of the Hanseatic League. Bobbled between Poland and Germanic states from the begining, right up until the end of World War II.
Quite the vote for a European Union.
Most places in continental Europe have gone from one ruler/country to another, many times over in the last millenium. Makes sense to have a “Pax EU(sic)”.

One thing that I see on my travels, when looking at the history of a place, people wanting a fair set of rules that apply to everyone. And will eventually rise up and fight for that. No matter what type of corrupt government is in place. How does that saying go? “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Which is what the European Solidarity Centre has on display. 
Neat place. Telling the stories of Poland’s rise to independence from Russia and Communism.  
Or as Barry puts it, “If you have not been a socialist at 20yrs old, then you do not have a heart. If you are still a socialist at 40, then you do not have a head”. 😉
Do visit this place. If only to see technology that works properly. The audio system is integrated with the AV displays and your location, and IT WORKS WELL!
Plus the rooftop alone, is worth a visit. 
Clever building. Modern. Different. I like it.

Gdansk old town has been put together after the bombings. Well it was building U-boats. 
Looks good.
Here is me at one of the gates……

Gdansk has loads of craft people selling neat stuff. Lots of leather work. 
Merging into an antiques/bric-a-brac market. 
All winding through the streets.

Food is good too. 
Am staying at Dom Muzyka which gave me this supper the first night…..

and a medium steak the second night……

Mestwin Tawerna, provided this tasty lunch……

H‎ad to wait for ages to cross the pedestrian bridge. No stress. The view was great……

And the people/boat watching even better. Boats varied from the galleon in the photo, to a carbon-fibre catamaran.
Across the river, there is a big, metal display of the city’s name. Kids were climbing all over it, as if they were olympic gymnasts. Oh to be young again 🙂

Beer is good, not frozen, but fizzy, at Hotel Gdansk…….

Could stay longer in Gdansk, but have a schedule to keep.

Tuesday morning up to TaiChi.
First parade on the bike.
Load her up.
Head out.
29degC and roadworks. The roadworks are annoying, as Poland near the Baltic seems to consist of sand. Lots of which gets scattered on the road. These challenges only lasted and hour or so.

Now am half-way to my destination.
Lunch was an excellent chicken-noodle soup. Followed by decent perogis.
Next step, fill the bike, and finish the journey 🙂

jan (with a small j) says:

I’m in Denmark and with a free moment to read your blog. Liking the look of the Gdansk, especially the food. it’s now on my rather long “got to go to” list.

biker says:

So where in Denmark?
I was there last year. Caught the ferry to Norway. Crossed the bridge on the way back from Sweden.

jan (with a small j) says:

I’m staying in Aalborg, then tonight heading down to Svendborg for my soon to be daughter-in-law’s Birthday. She is having a party in the woods at a camping lodge. Fishing, archery, air rifles, along with lots of food and alcohol. An interesting combination!

biker says:

Good job you have some medical skills 🙂

Giulia says:

Good to see you had a great time! 😉