Tuesday’s remaining ride was better, as no roadworks. Plus the country roads were in good condition. 
Temperature high twenties, but hey, MUCH better than high thirties 🙂 And lots of shade. The roads were often in forests. Even the fields had trees along the roadside.
Some of the roads looked straight enough for the Romans. And there is evidence that the Roman cavalry was here.
The Romans liked amber, and the Baltic seashores have long been famous for amber. So…… why not ?

Closing in on my destination, I tagged onto a group of German riders for a while, until they pulled over to fill-up.
Running with a pack is nice, as you become more visible. Therefore safer.

This part of Poland reminds me of Muskoka.
Even a sauna and spa in my hotel.
I just went for the internal spa, a plate of perogis and terti-platzki 🙂
Followed by an early night.  

Wednesday was hard getting up.
TaiChi showed how stiff my body was. Must be sitting too still on the bike.  
Load up and go, bidding farewell to the nice Polish couples that chatted with me last night.

An army patrol, magazines on their weapons, went by the hotel upon my departure. ‎And a few miles away, could see the army helicopter flying patrol.
This part of Poland is very close to the Russian border. Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast, and a bit of land, borders Poland.
Wonder how Monty Python would do a “What have the Russians ever done for us?” sketch. Be really short.  Invasions, mass murders, and gulags, don’t really count as benefits. And that is just in the last 100yrs.

Scenic route followed. Soon enough, I crossed the border into Lithuania.
No tolls here. Vignettes are just for trucks and buses.‎

Today’s ride included one stop to fill up, where I had some water. No food. Yesterday’s perogis and platzki seem to be very filling 🙂

Rode on and into Kuanas
City has quite the sprawl.

Found my accommodation. 
Checked in.
Cool parking spot for the bike. Where it got some TLC. 

Once back in my room, I drank my tea and sat for a while. Am feeling quite tired. 
Must be the heat. Up to 31degC today. And staying focused for 5hrs is tiring. 
Talking of which, nearly rode over a tire-iron that was lying in the road.

Feeling rested, around 6pm, out for a stroll.
Oh yes. Switched time-zones here. Lost an hour.‎

In the early part of the walk, found where a crazy Lithuanian flew upside-down, under a pedestrian bridge in Kaunas. I kid you not!‎

Got my two(?) servings of fruit……

whilst people watching.

Found the main square……

Nice and large, surrounded by lanterns, in all the different cafes. Nice.

Walked on to the castle, catching the sun going down.
Then a long walk back. Would have been shorter if I hadn’t gotten lost 🙂

Latvia on Thursday.
G’nite all.