Saturday up a bit late. Had gotten carried away revising my next Thought of the Moment. Almost ready to send.
Then off to Tallinn market. Other side of town so will get to see the capital. Reminded me of Winnipeg. Hardly a ringing endorsement. But it seems as if there is almost a plan.

The old market was similar to Lviv. Huge clothing area. A large fruit and veg section, so I bought some. 
Lunch at the nearby Thai place. Nice soup, followed by rice noodles. 

Then walk back through the city along another route. Took me past a wedding (bride looked lovely) to the lookout points. 
Found a coffee.
Found the streets much better than Nancy stated. Cobblestones in other cities have been much worse 🙂
Here is a photo of one of the buildings……

Once through the old town, I bumped into the new market, by the railway station. No verivorst, but I did find lox.

Home and cooked supper. 
Then out for a cheese plate at my favourite bar in Tallinn. Found it shows the English Premier League! And has a huge garden area. 
Sundown is awesome in Tallinn, as much of it faces west over the Baltic.

Sunday was spent booking ferries, hotels (doing Helsinki then Stockholm) and online stuff. Have moved my company domain registrar. And thanks to Matthew the transfer was seamless.

Interrupted by host Geiko, who co-opted me to help move furniture. Out with the old. In with the new.

Actually, the whole day was spent indoors. The weather was weird. Rain with intermittent sunshine or thundershowers. 
Allowed me to finish my laundry.

And an early night.

Monday morning up early. 
Prep the bike.
Bid farewell.

First stop was to post some cards, but the post office was too well hidden. 
Rode to the ferry.
Met a couple of Finns. One on a Yamaha. The other on a Vespa with a custom wooden camping trailer. 

Onto the ferry. 
DIY tie-downs. Luckily the Yamaha rider showed me where the straps and blocks were. 
And here I am, on the Helsinki ferry, 2hrs to Helsinki. Coffee and a danish, with a pint of water. The rain came in, as I sipped my coffee. Timing is everything in life 🙂