Stockholm – 2018Aug15

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Wednesday morning took a while to get up. But I was out of the room for 6:30am. Down to the bike, but no access. Waited. And waited. And waited. Then went back upstairs. At least I could sit down and watch the scenery go by.
Sure does look like Ontario.

Announcement came that garage doors are open. And I looked at the time. Had gained an hour. Or, as I realised, I’d gotten up WAY TOO early!!! hahahaha
Packed the bike.
Removed the chocks.
Rode off to start the adventure.┬áStockholm in less than a day ­čÖé

Poor old TomTom gps has no clue!
I did the route checking on my BlackBerry, so it was hard to double-check TomTom’s route.

First stop was for breakfast. hahaha. Ended up somewhere 30km from the port. A surbub. A long way out of Stockholm. I stopped when TomTom tried to send me down a garden path.

Next attempt was the city centre. Just an attempt. TomTom has a weird idea of what constitutes a route. I gave up, after seeing the same underpass three times. This was due to TomTom’s mapping inaccuracies!

Tried again for breakfast, and found a place that we could both agree on. There is nearby motorcycle parking, wifi. and this healthy breakfast (fruit,crumble and meringue)……

Then the ABBA museum.
TomTom could not find it at first. Eventually I figured out that it was listed as a ‘Tourist Attraction’. The Dutch must have different criteria as to what constitutes a museum!
And here we all are together, ABBA and me……

Was it worth the $40? 
Only if you find my recording of ‘Thank you for the music’. The computer scored me 436 out of 5,000!!! hahaha. I’m not sure I rated even those few marks. hahahaha
ps: great motorcycle parking!

Rode off to make sure I knew the way to the ferry terminal. Luckily I could find the gps co-ordinates on-line, as TomTom did not list this ferry. Nor would it find the address. TomTom has trouble with street names in Stockholm!
Arrived and captured the ferry port’s location.

Then, after a bit of convincing, persuaded TomTom to take me to the Army museum. hahahahaha. 
35km for a 2km trip. TomTom is great at giving useless directions (eg: straight ahead on a highway when there is an exit), but useless on which lane to use, and sometimes will stay quiet when you need to make a turn!
But as I stated, arrived here.
The museum is free! And interesting.
The little restaurant is competent. I had a minute-steak, that looked good, and was pleasant to eat.

Then back to the ferry. Departure time is 1700hrs, so best to be here before 3pm.
Now sat on the boat updating this blog.

My thoughts on Stockholm?
First of all, I saw lots! Covered 100kms just riding around to the spots above. From the posh spots (biggest Prada shop I’ve ever seen) to new developments.
Crossed lots of water. Sometimes over the same bridge.
Some impressive old buildings. Some quite outlandish new buildings.
Food is OK.
Glad I came.

See you all in Vilnius, in a couple of days time.