Sail to Riga, then run to Vilnius

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One really nice thing about tavelling alone is that you get a four berth cabin, all to yourself 🙂 🙂 🙂 Would have to be four very cosy friends/family to survive the trip.

Had a pint waiting to depart. 
Then explored the ship. Am getting the hang of this sailing lark. Find out where all the shows, shops, bars and restaurants are.
But no more meals for me. Picked up some cheese, grapes and water.

We will pull into Riga at 11am but the cabin is mine till noon. That is a first. The runs to/from England kick you out an hour before docking. This one has 5hrs before it sails again. So nice to have the option to sleep in.
But I have to be in Vilnius on thursday. And there’s no TV showing old James Bond movies, as there was on the ferry into Stockholm 🙂

A couple of pints of “Saudi cocktails” whilst watching the shows. Then to bed.

Thursday morning up really early. So went back to sleep till 8am.
Breakfast on the remaining grapes and some cheese.
Packed and heard the announcement that dis-embarkation has started.
Down to the bike to find I am in the way of a ramp. Moved the bike. Packed. And rode out.

Bit of a traffic jam. The downtown streets were blocked off. Detour took me over cobblestones that Nancy would have been impressed with. She thought Tallinn was bad. haha

Once on the road it was deja vu all over again. Same road I ran on the way up.

Stopped off for this excellent pork chop, atop mashed potato, etc……

Then over the border into Lithuania, past the place I had lunch on the way up.
Roadworks still making a mess of the traffic, before and after the border. But not for long. 

Ran on till the fuel warning light came on. Bit earlier than expected. The fuel around the Baltic is rubbish. Getting 145km instead of 185km out of half a tank.
Found the nearest petrol station to be a bit of a challenge. On the other side of a divided highway. Next petrol was 55km away, so unlikely to make it. Pulled in. Filled up. Gave the bike some TLC.

Had a burger wrap out of curiosity. hmmmm. Half-decent thin burger that fits into a small pita, and only 2.50euros.

Getting ready to leave when a fellow Bimmer rider pulled in. From Finland. And he’d done Calgary to Vancouver a few years ago. Had spent 2mths cruising the western seabord, above and below the border. Shame to leave, but tempus fugit.

Motorway all the way to Vilnius.
One more fill-up.
Then rode on to find a parking spot right in front of the hotel’s front door. Checked in, and received directions to the hotel car-park. Found a lot more bikes.

Covered up the bike.
All whilst chatting with Alexei from Belarus, riding a Vmax.

Out for a stroll into old town. Neat. But could not find the recommended restaurant. So walked back and had these meat-filled dumplings……

at the nearby Cafe ‘B6’. Followed by an espresso and a nightcap.

Giulia says:

🙂 Nice to “read” you’re living the life many of can only dream of. Stay safe on your travels. Blessings

biker says:

mille grazzie 🙂