Had an excellent Friday in Vilnius. Went walkabout. Stopping off for coffees, water, ice-cream, raw brownies, shots, wine, and homecooking. Sun shining all the way. 

Only place on the tourist list visited, was the cathedral. And that was to give thanks for this wicked lifestyle, and prayers for those who need them. When I was younger, didn’t know anyone who needed help. Now……… lets just say that “Old age is not for wimps”.

There is a small chain (3 pubs) in Vilnius, that purports to sell craft ale. It’s all pasturised, cold and fizzy. Had a good discussion on the terrible state of beer in Europe. And declined the photo with the chain founder, after all, he was doing the devil’s work!
Barman had spent time in Derby, and seen Leicester play there. 
So I had some fizzy water, and Lithuanian hooch. Don’t do the 80% that comes in a funny bottle. Trust me!

Then on the way home found a wine bar that had an excellent Sicilian red, and this fine fish with vegetables……

Seeing as it was missing potato, I went back to B6 and had these potato pancakes……

Then an early night.

Saturday up early 5am. So back to sleep till 8am.
Plug in my next destination.
First Parade on the bike. Hasn’t moved in two days.
Break the lift.

Luckily I had a chat with a nice young chap who turned out to be the owner. He also had  bad experiences with gps instructions, so I double-checked my TomTom route.
Silly Dutch programmers. Shortest route is through Belarus. But you have to cross the border twice! Don’t they know the difference between an EU border and crossing the EU border?
‎I plugged in a new route to take me around Belarus.

Stopped off in Alytus for brunch. Turned out to be a sushi bar. Not bad. Lots for only 11euros.

Rode onto to Augustow, quite scenic for the 40km before, and 20km after.
Then plain sailing to Bialystok.
With one stop for a fillup and a cuppa.

Bialystok hotel has no lift, so I just took the minimum.
Did some planning and bookings. 
Leicester beat Wolves 2-0, with Vardy getting a red card for a rash tackle.

Downstairs to enquire about supper. Both receptionists are nice, and one spent three summers in Leicester 🙂

Found the recommended place, which served these cabbage rolls……

Next table to mine was an Aussie couple from Perth, who were told there was no more beer. They were originally from Manchester, and he was a ManCity supporter, so that was probably why they were cut off. haha. They were at the World Cup supporting Australia, and are heading up to Tallin.

Then took a walk around the city centre. Nice place, with LOTS and LOTS of restaurants.
Ended up by the cathedral…….

……before making my way home, and to bed.