Monday morning up to TaiChi, then breakfast.

Packed and rode off wondering where I was going to have lunch and burn up the extra hour that I had.  Silly me. The road works took care of that! Some 10km moving very slowly in 30degC weather. Took up my whole hour.

Still. Could have been worse. Earlier it had been raining and 21degC. Luckily the rain lasted for only a few minutes. 

After the traffic jam it was time to fill the bike up with petrol. ‎Then an easy ride for the last 60km into Warsaw.

Good directions from the apartment office. Found them easily. They also gave me good direction to the actual apartment. I’d taken my TomTom gps into the office with me, and set it there. 
Rode off, and 5mins later arrived at the apartment block. 
Once I used the correct door, found it easy to get inside. 
Everything working well, except the laptop cannot access the wifi.

Out for a half-decent burger at a nearby restaurant……

Then back to watch old episodes of TopGear, and catch up on Brighton’s win over ManU🙂

Monday morning up early.
Try and fix my wireless connection. Think I made it worse 🙁
Pick up a few essentials at the corner shop.
Then out to the Tourist Information office.

This is me, arrived in Warsaw……