Last entry had me walking into Warsaw Old Town on Monday morning.

Found the tourist bureau in that old building between the glass. Sorted out a list of concerts. This after all is the city of Chopin, and more.
Walked around the building, but too big a queue to the 33rd floor and a panoramic view.ย 

Walked on till I found this lunch…..

Much better choice ๐Ÿ™‚

Walked on into the old town proper.ย 
Found the arch-cathedral and said a prayer for us all. Then sat and waited for the concert.
Not a great fan of the organ, but once he got past the first number, was quite good. Plus it was cooler inside than out. Would give you details but….. left them behind in Warsaw. Ooops.

Walked around Old Town, admiring the views and buildings. Popped into a brewery for some water, honest! Sat down and waited. And waited. And gave up after 20mins. Nice of them to provide free lemonade at the entrance. ย 

Walked on. Over 3km back to my apartment.
Route took me by the market (looks like two huge railway stations). Found all but one of my items on my shopping list ๐Ÿ™‚ And that I will do tomorrow.

Back home I had a snack.
Then fixed my wifi connection on the laptop. Had to be “sneaky”, as the normal recovery process did not work too well.

Did laundry on my quick-dry items.ย 

And finalized the latest “Thought of the Moment
Which is when I realised my FTP Client had also died! Been a while since I used it to update the company website.
And to make it a perfect three, found that Google has changed the way they manage contacts in gmail. Their conversion process failed miserably. How do I know? Had multiple groups, now only one and a half ๐Ÿ™

Went to bed. Had to be up early tomorrow.

Tuesday up early and TaiChi.
Then on the bike and visit some BMW dealers. For all those who in the past said that I have a screw loose, today you are correct. haha. The idiot in Finland had popped a screw, and I needed a replacement.
First BMW dealer did the job ๐Ÿ™‚ Bikers are such nice people! Seriously. Never met a group that is more helpful Not even in the Boy Scouts.

At fear of stating the obvious, I cannot imagine why anyone would drive a car in the city. Rush hour in Warsaw was bumper to bumper, and moving slowly. Very slowly. However, my two wheels were able to skip around and through all these parked vehicles. How can people get in their cars, sit in traffic for hours, and do this every day?

Meanwhile at the dealer, I fixed the new screw into my number-plate holder, and rode onto the other two dealers. My way of seeing the wider city quickly.ย 

Third dealer had accessories, especially a cargo net. Mine is looking worn out. Would hate for the backpack to go hurtling down the road, again.
Blue is the colour I chose. That or fire-engine red. No basic black. Took me a while to realise that blue is BMW’s blue ๐Ÿ™‚

Rode home and had a cuppa followed by a nap.

Then up and sort out my FTP Client. Something weird about that way it references itself. Uses the registry in a “clever” way, but I broke that back in March ๐Ÿ™ Tried a couple of other FTP Clients, all failed.ย 
Then went back to CoreFTP, a client that I used MANY years ago. Worked AOK ๐Ÿ™‚
Now I can update my company website!
And did just that.

Next step was to create an email list for my “Thought of the Moment“. Did this using my Access database.ย 
Seriously easier than trying to setup groups in Google.

Used SeaMonkey and my list of emails to send.
Only took 10mins.ย 
After I’d spent 5hrs, fixing FTP, then creating a new email list out of my Access database, and checking it twice.
Funny considering the topic for this Thought of the Moment ๐Ÿ™‚

Had done my second laundry, during this time. And hung it all to dry. My jeans in particular were feeling ripe. 30degC++ does not help with their “fragance”.

Fell into bed, and asleep straightaway.

Wednesday up early to TaiChi.
Pack and head out.

Nice day. Again.
23degC with white fluffy clouds.
Lots of road works.ย 
But the traffic moved.

Stopped for a fillup, then a bit later for a cuppa, which I carried in my thermos.ย 

Rode into my hotel. Dodged the car coming out, as well as gravel and pitted cobblestones.
Nice place.
Good parking spot.ย 

Nice duck for supper……

With a proper beer……

An early night.
Tomorrow is Lviv.

G’nite all.