Lviv Exit, Dobrovody and Ternopil

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Sunday up early.
Spent the day running through the mapping apps trying to find something akin to Google. Ended up with two more apps. All four apps gave different routes. None agreed with Google. Two were close to TomTom.
Why get new apps? TomTom has only major roads in Ukraine. The native app that comes with my BlackBerry Q10 is from TomTom. NavFree my usual app wants to send me along a similar route to TomTom, as neither seem aware of major road closures 🙁

This is mind-numbing work.
Luckily Olesh came by for a coffee and a chat.
I took a couple of strolls. One in the rain.
It all kept me sane.

With my route setup on all four apps on my phone and my TomTom, went to sleep listening to Gardener’s Question Time. Who knew London had a forest fire?

Up early Monday morning.

Checked the apps against my TomTom, to find they had all lost their routing. Plugged the routes in again, and set off. Used psychic navigation at first, as TomTom was trying to send me onto the closed road I’d been to on Saturday. Found Lviv’s ring-road. Found the road to Ternopil.
A couple of stops along the way to rediscover why I bought a motorcycle gps: taking a device out of your pocket for directions is not practical. But it did help get me out of Lviv.

Lviv, is just as I remember it, only more expensive. Tram tickets in 2016 were 2hrv, and now are 5hrv. But still, that is only $0.20CDN 🙂
Hotel prices have gone upn a similar amount. And some of the places charge a lot more for food and drink.

Slightly damp, and chilly at 13degC, I rode south-east.
Good tarmac till I found the roadworks near Ternopil. It’s northern ring-road. Kilometers of the stuff. Luckily I could avoid the really loose gravel, by riding close to the working machines.
Got to a roundabout and headed north.

20km later, a sign to Dobrovody. Ran the 13km of “unpaved” roads. Paved roads with occasional huge potholes, that degenerated into packed gravel with potholes by the time I reached the village. Which looks nice, as it has a huge pond with chaps fishing.
Here is the bike outside St.Paraskeva……

where this plaque shows it was built 1790-1794……

Rode onto Ternopil. Remembered a road from my 2016 ride-by 🙂
Found the hotel. Pani Oxana gave me good directions to the car-park, and I checked in.

Very close to downtown. Here is me in the main square…..

Did lots of walking around.
Ternopil seems even nicer that I remember it 🙂

Found a little cafe, tucked into a non-descript courtyard. Supper of a nice borscht, followed by cheese&potato vareniki with skvarki and smetana, washed down with a pot of tea, for 71hrv.
Hey Barry, that is $3.50CDN, or 2GBP 🙂

Back at the hotel, did some banking.

Watched the end of a terrible game of football. Spurs beating ManU 3-0. Why “terrible”. Pass completion rate was 76% for ManU and 67% for Spurs. It all looked like a kids game.

And went to sleep.