Shame to leave Ternopil. Really liked the place. 

Tuesday found me headed east, wearing my warm jacket! Second day now. My bright yellow jacket has vents, these are all zipped up. And at times I put on the handlebar heaters. Summer is ending 🙁

Phoned Myron once I was close.
Myron and I were in Plast. Myron taught us Ukrainian songs that were current, and that we enjoyed. He played a guitar and sang really well. Plus he taught us well. He also was one of our ace footballers in the annual, scouts vs fathers game. We last saw each other a long time ago. You can see us here……

Myron gave me clear directions, and I found him at the designated bus stop. 

He forewarned me about the road into Zhukiv, but not his driveway!!! Think damp Sicilian river-bed followed by grassy banks! hahahaha.
The bike has impeccable manners. So with a bit of care and attention all arrived safely. 

Oksana fed us lots.
We caught up. Careers, marriages and kids. Myron was a professional musician, appearing at the Water Rats’ annual function. An impressive honour.
Andrey arrived. Biker-dude from Berezhany, who has been all over Europe.
More chat and food. 
Andrey left.
We called it quits at 11pm.

Myron and Oksana have a nice home that they built themselves 🙂

Wednesday morning up to a full breakfast.
Andrey came along with some stickers for the bike. He also cleaned my windshield 🙂
Here are the three kozaki……

Two of us are in the B&W photo of the scouts – can you guess which are which?

After photos I rode off.
No drama, as I retraced the grassy knoll, then the slick, stone-studdied, rippled-mud driveway. The bike is good!

Quickly into Berezhany, and headed south. 
The road was quite iffy for 60km. Whilst at times I could get into 3rd and 4th gear, most time was spent in 1st and 2nd gears. Funny thing is that along this route, there is major development going on. Logistics centre? And already there are lots of tractor-trailers on this road. Nothing quite like negotiating a moon-faced road, with on-coming trucks doing the same. The clear windshield came in handy. Normally I look OVER the windshield when riding. When negotiating the craters, I needed to look THROUGH the windshield. So THANK YOU Andrey!
Last 30km were smooth tarmac.

Rode into the centre of Ivano-Frankivsk, and found motorcycle parking 😉
Sent an email thank you to Myron and Oksana.
Looked over my shoulder and found Canadian Food……

Poutine! It was OK. Chips a litle under-cooked.

Whilst waiting for lunch, found a hotel. 
Poutine eaten, I  walked over to get directions to parking. 
Then back to the bike and ride over. 
TomTom is seriously ignorant of Ivano-Frankivsk streets. So I ended up making my own way. Apologies if any pedestrians were discombobulated.
Had a nap.

Then up and book Delyatyn.
Started thinking of other spots when I realised that maybe I should run back to Ternopil.
So went out for terti-platski (potato pancakes)……

…which were good 🙂

Took a stroll around Ivano-Frankivsk. 
Only bit I remembered was a fountain and a back-street. Yikes.

Ended up by the cinema. 
Realised I’d never been to the pictures in Ukraiina.
Saw 22 Miles.
Was fun. 
And I understood most of the dialogue 🙂

Back for a supper of talapia, veg and rice.
Picked up some M&M’s for Delyatyn.
And so to bed.