Return to Delyatyn, Again

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Up on Wednesday morning before the alarm.

Checked the footie: Leicester beat Fleetwood 4-0, which was Jamie Vardy’s old club. Jamie didn’t play, as he is serving a suspension for a rash tackle in his previous game.

Down for breakfast.
And update the blog. Just as I was thinking it is missing photos, Myron sent a bunch. One of which I posted. 

Took this photo of a statue to Metropolit Andrey Sheptytsky……

Extracated the bike. Parking was next to a building under construction‎. A truck was in, being loaded. But there was just enough room to get the bike out. I like to think they did that on purpose 🙂
Loaded and rode off.

No need for a warm jacket. 27degC today.
Roads were iffy only for a short while, then smooth tarmac.
Shell garage hove into view. Filed up. TLC for the bike. A muffin and water for me. Had been a while since breakfast 😉

Staying at the same hotel in Delatyn. Almost the only one. The Austrian cousins stayed here. And this is my third time. Almost like home.
Parked and covered the bike.
Sent out an email as the bike indicates time for service. Was hoping I’d be able to do England then have the bike serviced whilst back in Canada. Oh dear. Will have to visit my Heidelberg home 😉

Quick lunch at the hotel. Cutlet with home fries and salad.

Then back to my room, unpack, rearrange some of the furniture, ‎and setup my laptop.
Listened to a library book whilst doing some laundry, and other chores.


The lads come by tomorrow. Better save my energy. 
G’nite all.