The lads came over to meet me in Delyatyn.
But what goes on in Delyatyn stays in Delyatyn. hahaha
We all had a very good time.

Two days passed really quickly. Then it was time to head out.

Forget what I said about Myron’s driveway, ’twas nothing! Today I covered over 50km on roads that made me wish for Myron’s driveway!!!
TomTom took me on a scenic route. I realised this when it carried me on past the big junction, sign-posted to Ivano-Frankivsk. I stopped. Looked at TomTom’s route and decide to take the adventure. hahahahahaha. I am an idiot! 
Just as I was thinking that it cannot be that bad, I rode through a series of fair-sized pot-holes. Distracted by the pot-holes on a turn, I missed the parked bikers in the shadows under trees, on this sunny day. Slowed and ran more carefully. 
After some 10km, mainly in 1st gear, I pulled over in the shade for a drink of water. Removed the upper-half of my windshield. A very easy task. And placed it under my cargo net. Makes a world of difference when negotiating pot-holes.
However, did not really help with the steep downhill,  blind right-hand turn, large steep drop on the outside, no barrier, all loose gravel and big rocks, with on-coming traffic. I took the turn, on the wrong side of the road, in stages. Felt like a wuss. Though could not think of a safer way.
But that was the only really nasty bit. The rest were just the usual pot-holes and oncoming traffic. 

Found a petrol station, and filled up, plus water for me. Rode off happy in the thought that the main road was not far ahead.

It was a trap. Whilst a lot of the road was in great shape, there were lots of sneaky pot-holes, plus a major road-construction.

4hrs and only 148km after starting off, I was parked somewhere near my hotel in Stryi
Somewhere near.
TomTom did not recognise the street address, so I had programmed in a best guess. Turned out to be really good.
Especially as the street name for the hotel is not correct.

A blonde Ukrainian Lesia (deja vu?) took me in.

Sat down and did some planing. Turns out, I can head west, into Poland, then south-west into Slovakia. (Don’t tell Stuart).

Have cross-checked this via Google, so Monday I should be Poland. Unlikely to make Slovakia until Tuesday. But one never knows.

So here I am in Stryi…….

At a restaurant, where I partook of soup with classic “vushki”…….

……followed by a kebab and salad……

……all washed down with tea. 

Bit of a stroll back to my room. I do like to explore.

Then prep for an early night, as there is a ‎border crossing tomorrow.

Do po-ba-chen-ya 🙂