Up on Monday morning to TaiChi, a cup of tea, and Ukrainian Lesia rushing me out.ย 

Heading out via Sambir I encountered good roads, with some stretches of bumpy patches.ย 
And a couple of traffic jams. Well it was Sep03.ย 

2hrs later I was at the Polish border. People kindly directed me to the short queue and I passed through. Only just remembering to text Olesh on the way through.

I stopped at Lodyna, because I liked the name……

Gave me time to switch SIM cards ๐Ÿ™‚
But the hamlet was too small to provide a meal ๐Ÿ™

Rode on until I came to Lesko. Yup a place named after my “ugly” brother.
Found perogis with cabbage and mushrooms……

Rode on until I spotted a hotel in a small town. Didn’t like the look of it, so used my phone to find a nice place. And only 18euros.
A bit out of my way, but that is how you get to see a country ๐Ÿ™‚
Should have checked that they only take cash. Supper was pirohi of buckwheat and cottage cheese, followed by grilled chicken leg and salad.
I had just enough cash via Czech Koruna and Euros to pay ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards, I booked more places on the way to Heidelberg. Fridays and Saturdays fill up quickly, especially during the summer.

Tuesday morning up early.

Lower the rear tire pressure a tad. Had a heart attack coming in, as the bike was slip-sliding on the loose gravel, taking me into a BIG log. Didn’t panic. Just a little more power till normal steering resumed and then I came to a stop without hitting the owner’s truck. Yup, I was in the wrong driveway. The other had packed gravel.
So after loading up the bike this morning, I tripled checked that the road was clear, and slid along, out onto the tarmac.

Rode along, past a school full of kids. Hey their holidays are over!

Stopped off at the first bank I saw to get some Euros.โ€Ž
So where am I?
No idea. Somewhere on the way to Spis Castle, having a mug of green tea with honey.

Rode on.
Rain started. Light at first. Then heavy. So I suited up.

By the time I arrived at the castle, rain had stopped. So I rode up. Easy after Ukraiina.ย 
No parking. Really? I didn’t play the Canadian Biker card. So rode off.
The actual entrance to the castle was easy to get up, but quite the challenge to go down. Adding to challenge were the pedestrians who were everywhere. Mind, there were two cars in the castle grounds. Second looked like a driving lesson. Not sure if that is what a new driver needs imprinting. I on the other hand have already been “led astray”, and will take the bike anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰
I wasn’t going to walk back up, in my rain gear and knee armour, so stopped to take this photo…….

……as I departed.

Rode the rest of the way into Poprad.
Parked and found my hotel. Back to the bike and rode close to the hotel. Nice motorcycle parking spot ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sat down for a cuppa and ended up having a chat with an ex-rider, who had the JAWA 350.

Then Petra the receptionist took me upstairs.
Booked me into my two storey room.ย 
Looked for a laundrette. As the ex-biker said, with the Whirlpool factory in town, everyone has their own laundry machine.
So am off to Brno in the Czech Republic tomorrow.

Planning all done, it was time for a stroll. The big, belay that, HUGE rain had stopped. Glad the bike was all covered up.
Picked up some apples at the market.
Walked in a random fashion, entranced by the melodious chimes of a clock.
Ended up at Zvonica restaurant. Super cute inside. Wooden booths with statues in niches. Food was OK too. Chicken noodle soup, followed by pork medallions……

And a proper waiter.

So that is Slovakia in a day and a half.
Cute country. Can see hills and distant mountains. Lots of fields and forests.ย 
Nice roads. Some of the very minor roads have been patched, again, and again.ย 
Petrol seems kosher. Only had one fill-up ๐Ÿ™‚
People have been really nice. Wonder what Stuart did to upset them? hahahaha

See you all in Brno

ps: For Barry: Slovakia has a wine, Veltlinske zelene, very similar to Vino Verde

June says:

I like the way You’re including photos of the bike nowadays . . .
The real Star of the Show!!

biker says:

True. A real star ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: always been photos of the bike. BUT not as many as the pictures of the food.

June says:

Yes, I have noticed that.
Fuel for the Rider is varied, whereas pics of petrol pumps may become tiresome?!

biker says:

95 is all the bike drinks

June says:

Aha! “All is explained.”