Wednesday was up early, TaiChi and a long ride, in nice weather. Two stops to refuel. Was a long ride.

First stop, bumped into this gentleman……

Was keen on my motorcycle. Check the label. Name of ‘Lubo’ 🙂

Second stop, I gave the bike some TLC. And checked the oil. Was down to 1/4 above minimum. Hmmmmmm. Usually only burns oil with 4+hr runs at 130+++kph. Must be all that running in 1st gear? Just needed a smidgen of oil.

Came into Brno.
Found the hotel.
Nice parking. Hard surface. Locked gate.
Checked in.
Room up two flights of stairs, end of the corridor.
Nice room. Looks new. Well organised. And a bath. Cannot remember when I last took a bath. Always prefer showers.

Off to do laundry. Drat. The Laundry Cafe no longer does laundry 🙁 But there was another place nearby. Found it, and along the way, picked up some Koruna. Also found a likely Asian restaurant, and possible tavern.
Had to wait for a laundry-tub to come free, so popped across the road to the tavern. Unpasturized beer, but fizzy. So left and bought some water.
Did laundry, which included a glass of wine and a packet of garlic crisps. Garlic crisps 🙂
Laundry done, walked towards home. Stopped off for a miso soup, salmon maki, with a crispy duck, with vegetables and rice.

Walked home via the Villa Tugendhat. Pity about the weird music coming from a cello. Looked like there was a marque with a crowd.
The Villa was in a very nice neighbourhood.

The music theme carried on in the bar back home. Barmaid is studying the flute. And one of the regulars is off to Detroit for an audition, on flute, via an Uncle and Auntie in Orillia.

A Laphroig to put me to bed 🙂

Friday morning up to have another go at planning my October return. Much more complicated than expected. Trying to fit in a run from England to Heidelberg, a hop over to Prague, then flight to Toronto. Or, flight from England to Prague, couple of days, then Toronto.

Took a long walkabout around the newer part of the city.
Then ended up at Padowetz, upstairs restaurant with a nice goulash soup, followed by mash and veg.

Walked around old town. Fruit&veg market. Bought some fruit, and a beetroot&lavender ice-cream.
More walking.
Nice old-city. Nice city.

Found a square to sit in. People watching is an awesome past-time. Lots of variety. And hour later, wandered along. Sat down in a smaller area. Realised that I have missed people watching. Been awhile, since I sat down, and watching the world go by 🙂

Back to the hotel, and crepes with a glass of wine. Then back to my room, and tea.

Friday morning up early and setup for the next leg of the run towards my home from home in Heidelberg. Bike goes in for service on Monday.