Tabor, Moorbach, Home and Gone

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Rode out via Villa Tugendhat to see if the neighbourhood was just as nice in daylight. It was.

Then ran out of Brno towards Prague. Lots of traffic. Luckily I took a left hand turn way before Prague, and ended up in Tabor.

Checked into my hotel early. From the outside, looked like Honest Ed’s. Inside very nice.

Out to find the chocolate and marzipan museum……

And yes. The Mini car is made of chocolate 🙂

Wandered around the old town, till I ended up at this nice place……

Suitably refreshed, headed into the new part of town. Which is when the big rains started. Made it home, and an early night.

Saturday morning up really early, so lay listening to my library book till it was time to get up.
Checked the bike. Had been LOTS of rain last night. Sunny now. So I moved the bike out of the shade, and left the cover to dry while I packed.
Loaded up and rode off.

First half of the journey along country lanes. Feeling as if autumn is here.
Second half along highways. Warmed up to 19degC.
Stopped some 40km from Moosbach (my destination for today). 
Filled up.
TLC for the bike. Checked the oil. 3/4 above the minimum, so yesterday’s top up did the trick.

A fellow biker, “House” from Uzhorod pulled in on his Honda Valkerie next to me. Nice chat. He’s off to Munich, then the alps. We rode together for the next 30km, then I pulled off and found my gasthof.

Moosbach is a nice little place.
I found the bakery selling plum tart and tea, after my schnitzel lunch 😉

Bike scored underground parking.
I scored‎ a nap. I really was up early.
Kitchen closed. That’s OK. Have breakfast tomorrow. Had two pints of water and went to bed.

Sunday up before the alarm.
Sun just begining to awake. Autumn really is here. Used to be light by 5am.

Also very quiet. Can understand why some villages ban motorcycles on the weekends. Yesterday lots of bikes running through Moosbach. Some sounded very loud. And if you had a pack of those, sounded loud for a while.

Out on the road by 9am.
Autobahn. Why is it that traffic flows faster and smoother here? I was running along at 140kph, and not the fastest.

Arrived at Stefan Knopf’s place. Full of Canadians 🙂
Rob from Vancouver (used to manage construction) was here last year.
“Li” from Richmond Hill (fitter) a new (to me) good guy.
Awesome couple from Thunder Bay
Plus one of the crew from Kuwait who were here in April. And assorted Americans.
Only disappointment was that Dufke is closed for the holidays. No schnitzel 🙁

Monday morning up early and take the bike in for service. Settled down to do some planning. But Stefan came along and took me home. Dealer not keen on anyone sitting there all day. Shame. I only got as far as updating my maps.

Once home, led astray 😉 Out for lunch which dragged on 🙂 Picked up some fruit and back home. More chat. Followed by more chat. Supper. Followed by me giving relationship advice. Don’t worry. I suggested Red Green’s “Yes Dear”

Tuesday morning up early and take a bike into the Dealer, with a borrowed helmet and gloves. Once there picked up my bike. Nice to ride other bikes. Makes one appreciate what one has.
And no, this does NOT apply to relationships. hahahaha
My bike had the oil-change and gained two new tires. Metzler have changed their Tourrance tire. Will see how it works out. They look cool.

Back home I packed and led Gary and Li out, as we were all going in the same direction. I had to fill up, and then we switched order.
Gary was bailing first, as he is shipping his bike back to Ontario. I was led astray at this point by TomTom, but Li caught me and led me to Hagen. Which is where I bade farewell.

Once in the centre of Hagen, I found a place to stay. Rode up there. Gave the bike some TLC, unpacked, and started on my planning. Have to be at Barry’s on Monday.