20180918 – Return to Barry’s

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Saturday morning meant First Parade on the bike.
Load up. 
Head out of IJmuiden.

Looking for Scheveningen. Possible port I came into on a trawler, back in 1982. Nice ride south, through fields, forests and canals. A village or two enroute. And quite a few windmills. 
Question: If the old-style windmills are at ground level and turning, why are the new ones so high up and not turning?

Ended up at a roundabout blocked by police bikers. Cavalry with some instruments, doing a ride-by. Looked like No2 uniforms, so not going to a parade. More like a work-out for the horses.

After the column went by, approx 200, I took a random turn, rather than follow this slow moving column. 
Ended up on a paved pathway, running through a park, near the beach. Shades of New Forest meets sand dunes. TomTom led me on. Lots of bicycles, but only one biker. Me.
My favourite encounter was a father with two daughters on his bicycle, carrying a child’s bike on his shoulder. Now that is a dedicated parent! 

Ended up on a proper road, heading back to where I had been. Through an area that can best be descibed as Forest Hill meets Sussex Gardens. British and German flags flying in front of some of these mansions. Embassy Row outside of Den Haag?

Into Scheveningen. Lots of golden sands. Booths on the beach. Hotels above.
Does not look like the harbour I came into on a dark and stormy day, sailing on a small trawler. Still. That was over 30yrs ago 🙂

Rode towards Den Haag‘s centre. 
Waylaid in an area remmeniscent of Birkdale, by a very tasty roast chicken. Just a half. Made a tasty breakfast 🙂
Then into the city proper……

Ride around.
Looks nice.  

Next onto Rotterdam ferry terminal. Confirmed the location. And happy to say the signage was clear and accurate 🙂
Had 7hrs before the boat sailed, so went in to take a look at Rotterdam.
All modern. Was built that way after WWII. My ride-around found me in an older-looking section just north of the railway tracks. Fresh squeezed OJ, a one-egg benedict, and an espresso was just perfect. 
A ride-around whilst trying to get to the “Swan” bridge, showed me more of the city. 
Then back to the ferry port. Early. Three hours early. Turned out to be perfect timing.

All bikers onto the boat early. 
Two berth cabin.
Buffet supper. Nice food 🙂
Early night.

Sunday awoke before the shipboard alarm, and up to TaiChi. 
Full breakfast, including Maple Syrup……

Rode out of the boat with the other bikers. 

Dull day. And a little rain. Over the Humber Bridge (free for bikers) and head south. 
Ran for a while till petrol became a necessity. Filled up. Gave the bike some TLC. 
Then did some banking. In the car-park. On my motorcycle. I love technology when it works 🙂

Weather turning nicer. ‎
Zoom-zoom to the old homestead. No-one responded to my knocks 🙁
Was about to leave when one of the neighbours came along for a chat. Then another. Then the new owners came out. Young couple, with a small dog.
Caught up on the changes to the house. 

Also caught up via email, with a friend. His house had been burgled, whilst they were away on vacation. The crimminals had simply bashed in the front door. 
As for the police, they are nowhere. A pay-per-minute phone number is all you can call. 
Seems all rather strange, after growing up with a village bobby.

Sunshine the rest of the way to Southsea. 
Swung by Robert&Eilene’s. 
Then to Barry’s.
We failed to fix the lawnmower 🙁 But tidied up the patio 🙂 

Toni came over, and we had a nice steak supper. 

I was  glad of an early night. 

Tuesday up to the best coffee latte, with sausages and mushrooms. 

Trimmed up the hedges in the back yard. Easily filled up the Toyota and took the branches to the dump. 

Off to pickup Mark for a couple of pints. 
A bite to eat. Then a nap.

Sorted out some minor computer and phone issues for Barry. 

Toni arrived from work. And we all went to The Phoenix. Robert came next. Then James and Anne, who have flown in from Boston, USA. Eilene and Lee met us at the Coriander. A very nice, and boistrous, supper followed. It’s nice to catch up with old friends. 

And with this, I will be closing the blog for a while. 
Life will be more of the same for the next few weeks.

G’nite All.