Swung by to see Mick, brother of Myron. Catching-up included a video call from Myron 🙂 Which gave me the privilege of listening to their new music. I love technology when it works. And the brothers are still good musicians.

Next stop Matlock-ish, and a castle. Bed for the night.

Tuesday up for TaiChi, breakfast and catch up on some admin.

Then in the rain, and cold (3degC), rode back to Sheffield. Luckily I know where the spicy soup shop is!  Had the same effect as spinach on Popeye 🙂 Cold is a nasty, dangerous and insiduous beastie. The soup put the beastie to sleep 🙂

Back to the castle. A nice, really nice location. Parked undercover. Less rain tomorrow? Hope so. Had to hang up all my gear to dry. And then go for High Tea.

It was over tea that I realised, all my must-do’s, are done! It is time to go quiet.

Enjoy the rest of the autumn. It only comes around once a year.

We’ll meet again at Christmas. It is less than five weeks away.