Has been a busy time since Christmas. Toni came to Town and we three welcomed in the new year. Was an excellent time.

Barry and Toni left in the morning, as Toni had to work on the 2nd.

I stayed on for Ukrainian Christmas Eve at the Ukrainian Club.
Was there enough to eat? hahahahaha. Here are some of the leftovers…..

Monday I caught the coach to Weymouth. Supper at Enzo‘s. A proper rissotto.
Was there last year, courtesy of Brian&Andrea. Excellent way to remember Andrea. Tuesday morning was Andrea’s funeral. Had been a pleasure to have known Andrea, both in Toronto and in Weymouth.
Some of “the lads” attended too, as Brian “played soldiers”.

Wednesday back to Barry’s via train. He’s a good lad. ‎Picked me up from Winchester.
Thursday we did the rounds: bought some excellent bread; sank an excellent pint (or two); picked up some items from a proper butchers. Then back for a tea and a nap.

Now you may be wondering where the bike is. Taken in for a service. Needed a 10k service (oil change + checks); a new chain; new battery. Plus there did seem to be a coolant leak, since Doncaster and York. However, no easy ways to spot why coolant still needs topping up every few 100km. Still a mystery, even after an expert review.
So I picked up the bike today. Looks and runs AOK. Was a nice day to go out. Some 9degC and sunny.
Back at Barry’s I ran some checks and everything looks spot-on. Will check the coolant tomorrow. Then go for a longer run.

My name is Lahodynskyj, and it has been three weeks since my last motorcycle ride.
But it’s all right now 🙂

G’nite all.

Richard Swiecki says:

Good to see that you’re back in the saddle.
Get your motor runnin’,get out on the highway, look for some adventure… hey, that might make a good song?
Now only if Leicester could get back on the road to winning.

biker says:

Puel is due for the drop, says I. Lost to 10man Southampton 🙁

Richard Swiecki says:

Yup I agree. Too bad Ralph was hired.