2019Feb28 – That was the Month that was

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Moved out to see the Cutty Sark, in Greenwich.
Also saw His Lord Collingwood,

at the old naval museum. A well known figure from the old British Navy, especially if you knew this song. Oh happy Friday evenings 😉

Stayed at Deptford Bridge.

Tuesday, ate an excellent lunch, not too far, at the Golden Cafe……

Mixed grill consisted of chicken breasts, lamb “burgers”, spicy rice, salad, and pita. Plus a mug of tea. Rice was a tad bland, but everything else was excellent.
Order this ONLY if you are very hungry. There is a great deal of food.
Reasonable price too 🙂

Wednesday meant brunch at a Post Office just outside a railway station. Now that is a first 🙂
Was travelling back to Pat’s to pickup the bike. Time to see how long the motorcycle coolant lasts. Which is where I started this month. Hence the title on this blog.

Took just an hour for a first parade, and to organize my gear on the bike. Then rode off south-west-ish, on a sunny, 19degC day.
Filled up the bike after some 40mins, and gave it some TLC. Decided to re-visit Tyrrells Ford.
Upon my arrival, re-checked the bike. All looking good.
Couple of snakebites (50:50 real ale and real cider), and an excellent game pie, set the world to rights.

Thursday morning I started moving the TomTom holder to make it easier to check/fill the coolant expansion tank. Which is when I noticed that the plastic pieces were not aligned 100%. Something was broken. That explains the wobble that I noticed yesterday, looking at the gps screen.
Back in my room, the new screwdriver was perfect for the job.
Ten tiny screws, seven small springs, and four larger screws later, I was able to super-glue the small broken part. And hopefully the cracks.
Taking it apart was easy. Putting it back together…….hahaha. And it had to be done at least twice. Nice little project.

Friday off to Barry’s.
Need to rescue my kettle. He’s holding it ransom 😉

June says:

Aha! Superglue! Did You fix the Owl?
(I only noticed last week.)

biker says:

Guilty as charged 🙂

ps: never leave home without superglue. Not only does it fix plastics, but good for first-aid (as per Wikipedia, the UK gov recommends using the 2-octyl cyanoacrylate glue)

pps: things I never knew. LePage glue was a Canadian company.Bought out by a German company, Henkel, in 1995

June says:

Well, thank you so much!
You do a good job. ☆☆☆

biker says:

Thank you!!!

Richard says:

I prefer Gorilla Glue or Gorilla super glue. Waaaay better that Super glue. Hahaha just be careful with your fingers getting glued.

biker says:

And more than fingers to worry about!