Before leaving Barry’s, I popped over to BMW Alton for a new kick-stand switch. 
On the way back to Barry’s, lost my cover. That’s OK. Didn’t like it. Too small, meaning didn’t cover all the bike. Too thin, so not waterproof. But it was cheap. And my original cover had fallen apart after 5yrs of service.
Back in the house to pack.
Rode back to BMW, but no sign of the cover.

Headed to Cricklade. The WhiteHart had been a great old-fashioned hotel. Dark wood everywhere. 
Great memories of shopping for a house, and staying over. Next morning, digging a sports car out of the snow in the stables‎, and then driving very carefully back to London.
When I sold the house, took Barry there for supper. After all, he had vacuumed the lawn. I kid you not!
Ah well. Nothing lasts forever. 

Next morning rode over to see Jock at his barge. Traditional cuppas and pasties. And I found out why Jock is still slim and trim. He walks LOTS. Taking his puppy for walkies. 
Took me for one. 
Luckily we ended up at a cafe for tea. 
And more chat.
Rode out much later than expected.  

Was riding by Chipping Norton, when I thought I should take a look. Looked even nicer than I remember.
Stayed at the Crown&Cushion. Scored a four-poster bed, in a large room. And cheaper than staying at Cricklade!!!
Gave the bike some TLC. The routine is clean the front forks, lube the chain, and top-up the coolant in the morning.
As for “Chippy”, took a walkabout. Just to see.
My favourite spot? The theatre. Had a show, but not to my taste. The red wine was though 🙂

Next morning, after a nice breakfast, rode over towards Sudbury. Had met a nice couple in the Crown&Cushion. We played “tag” along the route.
Then I turned off for Acton, parked and ‎gave the bike some TLC. Added coolant.
Purchased a new cover from AdventureBike. 28 quid. Outstanding design and material. I bought one size up, which was almost perfect. About a foot too long. But that is easily managed.
I’d been here, way back in 2016. Gosh. I was a young chap then 🙂

That night, stayed at a pub. A bit further than I thought. Close to Norwich.
Never discuss politics? Not in the UK!!! Yipee! ‎ Landlord John was knowledgeable. The gas-fitter a mixed bag of emotions and strange ideas. ‎Throw in a few proper pints of Adnams, and a great evening was had by all 😉
As for food, I had lunch coming here, and brought along an excellent steak&kidney pie from Chippy. Just two doors over from the Crown&Custion 🙂

My next plan was to check on Uncle Myron. He’s still not taking visitors, so ran over to Burton-on-Trent. Had a nice time, the last time I stayed.
Arrived to find the International Festival of Beers in town for the weekend. Seeing as this is sponsored by the cold-fizzy-brigade (MolsonCoors), am staying away. 

Went to 99 Station Street for real food. No pics. Outstanding soup. Brilliant pork-belly, proper stuffed chicken breast, and black-pudding, all on the same plate. The real veg came on seperate dishes. Heaven :)‎ 

Where to go next?
Talked with Fritz who suggested Wales.
Picked up some more coolant in Wolverhampton
And here is the bike in Aberystwyth……

Didn’t need to remove my brand new cover for this photo. Someone did that on my first night. And my bungee cord. Both items went “walkabout”. Pity. My first night had been brilliant. Mercedes-Jim and Leicester-Neal contributed.
Aled, mine host, was happy for my bike to move into the alley, the next night, and to keep one of the boxes in the bar.

Fritz also suggested St Davids. So that was my next stop.
Ride to St Davids was nice, till I left Fishguard, when the route became “epic”. The perfect motorcycle road. Lefts and rights. Ups and downs. Sea views. Hill views. All at the same time. Add in perfect motorcycle overtaking spots‎ and this could be THE perfect road. 
ps: I did stop in Fishguard to visit the Library, housing the tapestry. The tapestry tells the story of the last invasion of Britain by foreign troops. Which ended with their surrender, two days later, in the pub where I had lunch 🙂

St Davids has a nice cathedral……

Which has a nice refectory. 
And St Davids Kitchen is worth a visit. Today for lunch, I had the mussels with chips 🙂

Now. The new cover was a size smaller. Nowhere near as nice. Neither in design, nor material. But still fits. Less likely to go “walkabout”.
However. We had a bit of wind the first night, and the cover came off. Luckily Jane brought it in for me. Duck tape fixed the big tear. I added two vent holes. And bought a pair of stong bungee cords to keep things in place.
Doubt if anyone will steal this. haha

Friday sees me ride off to Swansea.
A sports weekend.  

This weekend sees Wales vs Ireland then Scotland vs England to decide the Six Nations. Three of those four teams could win. Wales have a chance of the grand-slam. They have won every game so far, including against England. This beermat, seen in Fishguard, has the score, showing just how seriously this tournament is…..

Also this weekend, Swansea is hosting ManCity in the FA Cup.‎ Smart money is giving a 5-0 victory to ManCity. But, this is the FA Cup. And we are at the Quarter-Final stage.

Enjoy the sports this weekend.