Congratulations to Wales. A grand slam victory for the Six Nations trophy.

Swansea very nearly pulled off THE FA Cup upset. Some iffy decisions?

Leicester may have had some iffy decisions go their way. Sorry Burnley. However. there was no doubt about Maguire’s red card, that reduced Leicester to 10men in the 4th minute of the 90min game. But wonders of wonders, they won!
Best part is, with 41 points Leicester are safe from relegation.

I also had time to look around Swansea AND do laundry. Lots of construction. Lots of rain. Proper Italian cafe.

And back at hotel, here is the bike with it’s replacement cover……

NOTE: the gaffer tape used to make some vents. And the green bungee cords, in place of the tie-downs that fell off. Unlikely that this tatty cover will walk-away 🙂

And yes, the bike is still loosing coolant 🙁

That is us all caught up.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.