Ace Cafe was fun. Sunshine. Bikes everywhere. And as Amelia remarked, lots of people who looked like me!!! hahahahaha

My circuit was
Sutton Bridge
Old Sodbury
Bishop’s Waltham
Stanton Fitzwarren

Riding around feeling like the proverbial goat tethered to catch a lion. Bike still loosing coolant. My mission appears to be, keep riding till something breaks for real.
So far I had one scare with the bike overheating. Turned out to be DLB’s at BMW Wolverhampton mis-representing the coolant as already diluted. Solved in Oxford with the help of BMW and RPM, by replacing the pure coolant with properly diluted coolant. I am still young and naive 🙂 Forgot the mantra “everybody lies”.
Gave the bike a clean to remove the accumulated dirt, and sprayed down with ACF50, just to make sure any cooling issues are easier to spot.
However, once at Stanton Fitzwarren, and after checking the bike, I now have a strong suspicion that the bike is also begining to loose oil. The oil issue is brand new. Arriving at Barry’s I topped up, but after 6,000km that is not unusual. But to do so again after 180km is weird. As is the “valve clatter” when starting from cold.
Luckily Pat is back, all 100%, and will be taking a look at the bike on Tuesday.

Part of the riding around has been to “collect” all the BMW Motorrad locations. That way, if the bike blows up (I am half-expecting that), I shall know who/where is the nearest dealer.
On the plus side, if I’d known how much fun this could be, I would have done it MUCH sooner! Always nice chat, and a coffee with something sweet.
Seriously nice club, this biker world 🙂

Returned to Barry’s as I had done the above with a nagging tooth-ache, which turned quite nasty last weekend. Right after Toni sorted out an appointment. Stayed nasty until the day of the appointment. Sanjay sorted everything out on Wednesday.

So here I am, not too far from my old home in Cricklade, in a nice Cotswold hotel.
Must be a nice place. The bar filled up with over a dozen bikers wearing their colours.