As of 2019May31 BlackBerry Messenger is gone šŸ™ At least for those who’s BBM is not part of an enterprise.
Not a total shock. Started outsourcing to a third party in 2017.

It’s been a neat app.
Lets people know which country you are in.
Has conference features, as well as straight calls.
And as part of BlackBerry, has been secure “out of the box”.
So it is a shame.

BBM has been my main link with select family and friends.
But many friends have already migrated away.
They have suggested other apps.
But, all apps have a flavour-of-the-month syndrome. They all come, and they all go.

So I will stick with the tried and trusted.
This blog for people who want to know where I am.
And email for messaging. Email still works better for me than any instant messaging. Hard to respond instantly when on the bike. And everyone has email. Also on BlackBerry, my email appears BEFORE it shows up in my gmail accounts. In other words, my email is instant.

Finally, but maybe more importantly, there is no word of any “farewell to BBM” events šŸ™ šŸ™ šŸ™
Let me know if you hear of any party! Virtual, or real.

ps: I am stuck on my BlackBerry phone. I like the keyboard and buttons.
Touch screens work well for images, but for everything else, a cursor is best. My BlackBerry has a proper cursor. No need to touch the screen. No need for a magnifying bubble on-screen.
“Just because it is old, does not mean it is bad”. After all, how old are the Ten Commandments?

Matej says:

Ten commandments?

Iā€™m pretty sure George Carlin updated those in a service pack to just two.

biker says:


For those not versed in American comedians, here is a link

biker says:

Oh dear.

BlackBerry World (BB’s app store) is closing down at the end of 2019.
Worse still, none of the apps can be downloaded today. Paid apps were to be switched off in March, but free apps are still supposed to be available until December. Hopefully this is a glitch, for a few weeks.

Now I don’t have a lot of apps. Just these three……
(1) NavFree, for maps when there is no cellphone signal
(2) Planets, for the night skies
(3) Compass, because TomTom will not tell me where I am

Prognosis is that the phone and existing apps will continue to work well past 2019. That’s good. I like my phone.

NOTE: New phones are still being built on BlackBerry technology.