Monday morning, light drizzle as I packed, then headed out. But turned sunny by the time I reached Novara for lunch…….

Some of the family may recognize the spot. Did everyone else spot the primo moto parking spot?

After lunch, I carried along the “free” roads until Torino. Where I scored a nice hotel, and an early night.
Was a long day. Hard to get out of Milano. Almost as hard to get into Turino. And the roads could be busy, with bad surfaces. Maybe I should pay for the toll roads?

Tuesday morning off and up into the hills. Or more accurately, the Alps.
Again foregoing toll highways, I took the scenic route. And it was. Pure skiing country. So everything was shut!!! At least on the Italian side. Somewhere along the Col du Galibier pass, I realized I was in France and found this spot for lunch…….

A while later, I pulled over to layer up. Cooler than expected. One tunnel was only 7degC, and as you might imagine, no sunshine. As I dressed, the view continued to be marvelous……

A long while later, pulled into Valence.

Hotel was well placed, but the only parking was in their allotted area a couple of hundred metres away. Unless one had a motorcycle.

Unloaded my day kit only.
Put the bike away, after giving it some TLC.
Then out for a stroll.
Nice old town.
Liked the look of a restaurant, so went in. Was hungry, as it had been a long time since lunch. It was well dark. Had an outstanding time. A tasting menu, “et surprise”. There would be pictures, but I was too hungry at the start, and couldn’t move at the end. Seriously nice food, well, except for the smoked yoghurt with one of the deserts. The cold tomato soup, had a little kick to it, in awesome blended flavours and vegetables. The hake was perfect. Four appetizers, hake main course, and two desserts. Waddled home, thinking it was just as well I had declined breakfast for the following morning 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wednesday morning up and check the bike. Coolant looks AOK.
Packed and rode out, taking the toll roads so I could make Montpellier in time for this lunch…..

And again parking was convenient…..

My thank to Richard, for directing me to L’Entrecote. He’d been here with Pat a few years ago. Place hasn’t changed. You can have an ‘entrecote et frites et salade’ any way you like. It’s the only item on the menu. Which makes the meal question-time really short: “How do you like your steak cooked?. Perfect.

You have no idea how un-Toronto-like was my route to the restaurant, and out. Hahaha. Sometimes having a useless gps works out. Which was just as well, heading out meant it was traffic-jam time.

My evening stop was in Narbonne, where they had this for supper……

I know it’s a bit much, but, I had skipped breakfast.
And it was good. Really good.
Kitchen was galley sized, with the meat out-front on the counter. Looked good. Proper meat. Sliced and cooked right in-front of you. How could I not???? Hahahaha.

And so, if I can get up tomorrow, I shall be heading west once more.

Au revoir, mes amis.