Currently sat in a nice little hotel in Andorra. Only thing wrong, is that this tiny country does not have a deal with my phone company, so I had to switch it off. Will switch it back on when in Spain.

So how did I get here?
Scenic route, in sunshine and blue skies.
One stop for lunch……

The main course was tasty, chicken with mushrooms, greens and mash, despite the appearance of gruel……

Catalan swiss-roll was meh…..

Refreshed, I donned another layer, and rode on.
Winding roads. Up and down. Valleys to the left and right.
Blue skies.
Backdrop of snowy mountains.
Doesn’t get better than this 🙂

Pulled into Andorra la Vella, the capital.
Filled the bike up for 5% less than Europe.
Removed one warm layer of clothing, as now moving at 30kph, in the sun.
Rode on to the city centre.
Found parking.
Went walkabout. Found a hotel. Moved in.

Next stop, Andorra’s motorcycle museum. Arrived in the ground floor, and then headed to the proper parking lot. Andorra is rather hilly, so it makes sense to put parking on the roof. Probably the only bit of flat space in the country.
The entrance on the roof then takes you down, into a small (140 bikes) museum, but all sorts of nice bikes. Including a steamer……

…..built by a chap who became a Brigadier-General.

Well. Time for supper.

See you all in Spain