Wrapped up my nice stay in Andorra with a search for 15W50 oil for the bike.
Old bottle had a convenient pouring spout that fell apart in my hands. Not bad. Lasted 3 years. Was a half-litre bottle, as top-ups were only required after long autobahn runs, and then a maximum of 100ml. Only two places had 15W50, and trust me, there are lots of shops that carry oil. Of those two places, one came in 4L size, and the other without the pouring spout.
Nice thing about looking for a “thing” is you get to see a lot of places and people. Quite the chats too 🙂

My last evening included a stroll to the parliament building, just off to the corner from the old building. The square has an outline of the country. Really cleverly done.

Saturday morning up and out, just as the tourists were arriving.

Day was sunny with bits of rain. Roads were fun.

Enroute found petrol for the bike, and gave it some TLC. Needed help getting the bike onto the centre-stand. Bit weird.

Ran onto Huesca
First place with a kebab did the job. I took the time to find somewhere to stay, and ended up finding a random hotel in Jaca.

Took only an hour to get there. But for the policeman halting all the traffic. They take cycling seriously in Europe. Had a bit of a race on.

Met a bunch of Brit bikers, in Jaca as I filled up. From all over the UK. Chat, then we went our seperate ways to our seperate hotels.

My hotel was in the centre of town.
Parked in-front and checked in.
Then went off to park the bike properly. The hotel is in the centre of Jaca, in a pedestrian precinct. And nowhere to leave the bike. Not even a motorcycle spot.

That done, I visited the tapas bars. Nice to be back in Spain.

Sunday’s highlight was the lunch.
Nice asparagus……

Excellent hot pot……
OK dessert……

All for 16euros, with a glass of wine, and a bottle of water. Plus a nice chat with a local couple, who come here because the food is some of the best in town 🙂 They asked how I picked the hotel? As I told them, “I’d rather be lucky than good 🙂 ”

Did need the refreshment. Had been walkabout in the citadel. Museum of minatures, set in scenes through-out the ages. And the museum to the mountain corps.

Monday morning up, and checking the bike over, realised the centre-stand was cracked. No wonder I was having problems getting it up.
Did my ‘first parade’, then took the bike to the hotel.
Packed and headed to BMW Logrono.
Enroute, the bike made scraping noises going around a corner. No, I wasn’t leaning the bike way over. I’m not that kind of rider. So pulled over at a cafe, and took out a bootlace. Tied up the centre-stand, just for mental stability 🙂

Arrived sans scrapes at BMW, where I made an appointment for Tuesday.

Headed into town.
Organized accommodation, as per last time.

Tuesday morning, up and take the bike in.
New centre-stand. 10,000km service. Clean bill of health.
We both rode happily home.

To celebrate, I took lunch at La Galeria, where I had all of this……
barring the fish main. The oxtail won me over. And it was outstanding!
The chupito of fish soup, and the egg&mushroom in a small piece of bread were outstanding too.
Everything else was just excellent 😉
Served with an outstanding Rioja, 2015 Crianza. Lots of body, flavour, and complexity. Checkout the price.
Sebastian and Fritz took excellent care of me. As does everyone.
I think my last supper in Perugia was the last time I had a meal of this quality. Lots of good meals. Just nothing outstanding, for a while.
ps: no photos of this meal. I was too busy with the food 🙂

So here I am.
Back home in Logrono.
Two bedroom apartment.
Heart of the tapas district.

“Come on down!”

Stephen says:

Oh great Lucifer go back and save Britain

biker says:

As Joseph de Maistre stated, back in 1811, “In a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve.”