Back in Logrono with a two bedroom apartment. Any minute now, will have hordes of people knocking on my door, to stay, for free, in the heart of the tapas district.

NOTE: I usually pay the rent on my place in cash. I thought it would be more efficient, simpler and faster, to pay online, directly from my bank. My findings? Use cash!
Sad part is that when I was in Saudi Arabia, a VERY long time ago, I would hand over a paper bag of cash to some lads in an alley. Three business days later, the money was in my bank. The process worked from the first to the last. Never a hiccup. Never an issue.
I love technology, but only when it works.

While awaiting all of you to come banging on my door……

Have found myself on the organising committee, for our undergrad, Physics class reunion.
Our first task was to locate all of the original class, and staff. Most of the class was relative easy to find. The staff, though, were much older than us, and few remain. Fewer still, interested in travel.
I volunteered to set-up the pre-event. Now what would fit our days of future past? Beers and a curry? Yup! And my favourite pub, The Phoenix, has the Balti House nearby.

Had to deal with the end of Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Has been an outstanding part of the Blackberry experience. Safe and reliable instant messaging across the globe. For free. Sending pics, videos and making calls. But nothing lasts forever, so BBM is gone. I am saving all my messages into my database. BBM has an export feature in XL, and msAccess can import XL data.

Tuesdays are when Julia comes to clean. So weather permitting, and this is Spain, where the weather usually permits, I take the bike out for a run.
One such run was south, to Clavijo castle, bit of a ruin, IMHO.
Then turn north to Laguardia for lunch. A walkabout through the medieval town as a digestive. Cute place. And they are setting up for the running of the cows. Yup. No bulls. Just cows.

I also have a favourite bar for a night cap, which is a chupito and a cafe solo. Close to home. And on the way back from my favourite tapas bar, and theatre.
One time I popped in to be greeted with “Are you a biker?”. The chap who asked, sells plywood to Canada. His young lady is Lithuainian. Great conversation ensued. The lady being impressed more with my knowing “a-chyu” than having visited Lithuania.
Strangers are friends you have yet to meet 🙂

Logrono has some great shopping. Coming into a new apartment, there are always bits&pieces needed for the kitchen. I re-discovered HiperMaximo, a huge, and I mean huge, dollar/pound store. Carries lots of stuff at reasonable prices.
ADDENDUM 20230815: I still travel with items purchased here.

Lunches at LaGaleria. Usually the 2 courses of the day. Supper when I miss lunch. Felix is chef/owner extrodinaire.

Daniel, their Romainian waiter, invited me over to the Icaro bar for drinks to meet his young lady. There is a novel to be written about these two.

The organic market every Saturday morning.

The leather shop that sells bags, belts and more. They also repair items. Took my backpack in there and they did an excellent job of stitching on the Canadian flag.

I also found Maria, who was able to repair my Carhartt jeans. Five euros, and they are good for another year, or more.

The main-stream theatre hosted the Cuban National Ballet company. They played Cinderella. The ugly sisters, step-mom(guy), fairy godmother and dance instructor stole the show. The last two, because they could dance AND float in the air. Baryshnikov anyone ? The ugly sisters were great. Danced as a pair, and their interaction was perfect. The step-mom was hilarious!
Thoroughly enjoyable.

And to cap all the nice things about Logrono, there is a festival about to start.

So hurry on down.
Come on you hordes!
I will not have this apartment forever.