Yes! Finally made it to Roncesvalles! The place that gave it’s name to a Toronto neighbourhood 🙂 Courtesy of Colonel O’Hara, who fought for the British, against Napolean at the Battle of Roncesvalles.

The French pushed their way to Sorauren, where they were stopped. Possibly wanted to admire the tiny Roman bridge? Well, it’s still standing. I know. I rode over it 🙂

Once in Roncesvalles I stopped at a cluster of motorcycles and went into the bar for a bite to eat. Meals started in an hour, so I had a tortilla. Sorted out the route to my hotel, and went to the convent.

Had been seeing LOTS of people on the Camino. Chatted with two gents from Californ-i-a 🙂 The one who had just walked over the Pyrennes was having a sense-of-humour-failure. He’d just discovered that it’s harder walking downhill than up (true). I did my best to cheer him up.

The convent has guided tours, with the next at 4:30pm. So I bought this chocolate……

……then visited the cloisters, which caused me to LOL. If you think this is a lot of snow……

……then checkout the photo on the radiator, showing the upstairs window COVERED in snow……

Back at the bike, I dressed for rain. Then rode an awesome route to the hotel. Where after giving the bike some TLC, and unpacking, I tried some “pa_tach-ka”…….

I’ll be back in Logrono tomorrow.
Am there till August 19th. Come on down!
Great food. Trust me on this!
Quite acceptable Rioja at 2.50euros a bottle. Even the very nice Rioja from La Galeria is way less than the corkage at Jacobs in Toronto!!!!!!

Failing that, the Physics reunion is August 26th – 28th. See you at the Phoenix, Monday night 🙂