20190828 – Applied Physics Tour

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Aβ€Žfter an informal Monday evening at the Phoenix pub then the Balti House, we awoke early Tuesday for our tour.

First the Burnaby Building to see the new Physics labs and teaching rooms. The outside is different. But inside we could recognise the equipment and it’s function, after a bit of coaching from the Head of Labs.

A short stroll took us to the old Physics block. Originally built as the technical school in the 19th century. Inside the building looked the same, with the addition of a lift in the stairwell.
Comments were made that this lift prevents the release of balloons in the basement, that would rise to the top. But I never saw that. I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me. I was racing aerosol cans down corridors of London πŸ™‚

After our second tour we sat on the steps for a photo.

Can you spot Professor Nixon? He was kind enough to host us all in the final year for supper. Us and our significant others. Brave chap. Outstanding evening.

A similar supper awaited us tonight πŸ™‚